Closed – [Ginza] Heartwarming Italian dinner at Yamagishi Shokudou (山岸食堂)

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I was lucky to go to Yamagishi Shokudou (山岸食堂) that is a so popular Italian restaurants in Ginza. I had wanted to go there for a long time. They are very small restaurant. And we had dinner in a dimly light. I hesitated to enter the restaurant because I thought it isn’t open.

It was poor light, so I couldn’t take those pictures well 😛 First of all, we ordered some appetizers.

Two portions of crepe rolls with uncured ham. It was awesome. It looks easy to cook. I’ll try someday !

Crepe rolls with uncured ham (生ハムのクレープ巻き) 1200 yen

Smoked salmon canape. It looks like sushi 🙂

Smoked salmon canape (スモークサーモンのカナッペ) 1200 yen

Tomato and mozzarella. It is a standard tastes of Italian !

Tomato and mozzarella (トマトとモッツァレラ) 1200 yen

Jidori chicken liver flavored balsamic sauce. The sourness of balsamic sauce added the chicken liver more refreshing tastes.

Jidori chicken liver flavored balsamic sauce (地鶏レバーのバルサミコ風味) 1300 yen

Today’s meat dish. I didn’t remember the meat. But I remember that those mushrooms were tasty 😛

Today’s meat dish (本日のお肉料理) from 1500 yen

Then we ordered some spaghetti. The chef make his own pasta at the restaurant. At first, Gorgonzora and zucchini was served. The baguette were on the dish. Well, we could manage the rich sauce with the baguette.

Gorgonzola and zucchini (ゴルゴンゾーラとズッキーニ) 1500 yen

White wine flavored Jidori chickens. It was a simple tastes, so, I could find the taste of pasta very well.  Springy, springy.

White wine flavored Jidori chickens (地鶏の白ワイン風味) 1400 yen

Uncured ham and zucchini, salt flavor. Judging from the amounts of pasta, the amount of uncured ham was much 🙂

Uncured ham and zucchini, salt flavor (生ハムとズッキーニ塩味) 1300 yen

Tomato, basil and mozzarella. I wanted baguette for the sauce, too. So, I ordered baguette 🙂

Tomato, basil and mozzarella (トマトとバジリコとモッツァレラ) 1300 yen

Tomato cream sauce with shrimp. This tomato cream sauce had rich tastes. I like tomato cream sauce best in all kinds of spaghetti sauce. So this was the No.1 for me that day.

Tomato cream sauce with shrimp (小エビのトマトクリームソース) 1300 yen

After that we had dessert and cappuccino. We shared one panna cotta because we were full :p

Panna cotta (パンナコッタ) 500 yen

Cute cappucchino. Of course, it was good.

Cappuccino (カップチーノ) 500 yen

They use plenty of cheese for almost all dishes. Cheeseholic like me will get engrossed in the restaurant. But the trouble is that it is so hard to reserve the restaurant. I took the reservation at that time, the reservation is already full until this December. The chef said “You can reserve only December 17 or 18 this year.” A half year later ! But only one chef cook and serve at the restaurant, so he can’t accept much people. That day, only 3 groups were at the restaurant.


Name Yamagishi Shokudou (山岸食堂)
Open Dinner
Reservation Required
Credit card Unavailable

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