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[Venice] Tea break at historical Caffè Florian


Because I got lost at Venice, I didn’t have enough time to go as planned. And I had a little time until the appointed time. So, I decided to go to cafe. Caffè Florian is my longing cafe ! It was built in 1720 and the oldest cafe in Italy. As its looking, it had a historical atmosphere.

I was excited and opened the door.

They are cafe, here is Italy. But I ordered herbal tea. It was about 10 euro. Expensive. But I know. The value of the historical place is included.

After that I had to be in a bus for a long time. I had to avoid car sick as possible. So I didn’t drink coffee. I want to stay one city only next time because I don’t like a long distance trip.

I enjoyed the tea in the historical cafe and then went to the appointed place. We left Venice.
Good bye, Venice.

I borrowed mask and picture taken 🙂


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