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[Tokyo] Japanese authentic dishes at Kazumiya (かず味家) in Yushima


My friend asked me to join dinner with them at Kazumiya (かず味家) in Yushima. From their appearance, they look like high-class Japanese restaurant. But they serve inexpensive course from 4000 yen. And we must take a reservation in advance. When I got to the restaurant, I found the paper “Full with reservation today” in front of the restaurant that day, too.

We opened the door and the staff welcomed us. We took off our shoes and entered the restaurant. All tables are on tatami room.

The restaurant prepare three kinds of course, 4000 yen, 6000 yen and 8000 yen. We ordered 6000 yen course in advance. So, we just ordered our drinks. My drink was green tea sour.

Green tea sour (緑茶サワー)

Why so popular this restaurant is because its hearty meals !!! Each dishes were small, but our course had no less than 13 dishes!

At first sesame tofu was served. Though we could eat it in one bite, but I ate it in 4 bites with grace. Its texture was like pudding. Good !

Sesame tofu (胡麻豆腐)

Persimmon dressed with tofu. Cute bowl made of persimmon. The tofu never disturbed those taste. The permission was sweet and tasty. Also those fresh ikura !

Persimmon and vegetables dressed with tofu (柿と野菜の白和え)

Assorted sashimi. Somehow this photo became very small… Of course those were good. But we always eat delicious fishes too much. Most people will impressed by the assorted sashimi, but we who are crazy with fishes weren’t impressed so much.

Assorted sashimi (刺身盛り合わせ)

And then chawanmushi was served. From its looking, it looked like ordinary chawanmushi, but it had crab’s brown meat hidden.

Chawanmushi (茶碗蒸し)

Here. Much crab innards ! Awesome.

Grilled ayu with salt. It have its roe. Much roe. Ayu is sweetfish in English. They live in liver. Because it was mature ayu, so it had large bone. But everybody except me ate up those backbone ! I did my best and I ate up small bones (I always left small bones). But I couldn’t eat backbone all the same.

Grilled ayu with salt (鮎の塩焼き)

And kasujiru. Kasujiru is a soup with sake lees base. It have bigger slices of yellowtail were in the soup ! My friend who don’t like kasujiru ate it up. She said it is tasty.

Kasujiru (粕汁)

Steamed scallop and shrimps. Of course those seafoods were good,  but especially, the turnip was sooo tasty !

Steamed scallop and shrimp (ほたてとえびの蒸し物)

Boiled sekogani crab with salt. Sekogani is a kind of female crab caught around Hokuriku area.

Boiled sekogani crab with salt (セコガニの塩茹で)

Round clam and tun with nuta sauce. Nuta sauce is based on miso. Round clam and tuna dressed with nuta.

Round clam and tuna with nuta (青柳とまぐろのぬた)

Grilled oysters on konbu. My delight ! Oysters !  Those were still small, but those oysters had plenty of flavor.

Grilled oysters on konbu (牡蠣の松前焼き)

Globefish karaage. Globefish ! Its coating was crisp and onions were good. Everybody ate up those bones ! I also ate up ! Those bones weren’t so hard.

Globefish karaage (ふぐの唐揚げ)

Udon with duck meat. At last, udon came. I liked it best in all dishes that I had that day. Smooth and springy udon, duck’s refined fat, not too thick soup and fresh green onions. That’s parfect !

Udon with duck meat (鴨うどん)

Mango sorbet. It had much mango flavor and smooth texture, but I wanted to eat something Japanese confectionery there 😛

Mango sorbet (マンゴーシャーベット)

I was relieved with green tea.

Well, it is very inexpensive all the same ! A woman in a kimono welcomed us and I thought it seems high class restaurant, but actually, it is more casual than I thought. We can use the restaurant as it is izakaya. If you go to there with jeans, they will welcome you. Maybe…. 😉


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