[Harajuku] Minoringo Special curry at Minoringo (みのりんご)

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I went to Omotesando for shopping at the weekend. Omotesando was so crowded and it astonished me. I wanted some clothes for this autumn and winter. But I couldn’t find anything. Though I couldn’t buy anything, I felt hungry because I walked too much. So, I moved to Harajuku area to eat curry at Minoringo (みのりんご).

This is the menu.

I knew they serve keema curry with plenty of cheese melting on it by TV. It really attracted me. I intended to eat it. But I saw the menu and I felt like eating not only keema curry but also another curry.

So, I ate both. Minoringo special have both keema curry with onsen tamago and chicken curry ! This chicken curry is too mild for me. I love spicy foods. The more spicy, the better 😛 But it’s good.

Minoringo special (みのりんごスペシャル) 1300 yen

But this keema curry was so juicy. It was so spicy. I like it. But I thought it don’t need cheese.

But I’m interested in the tastes of the keema with cheese, too 😉 I want to try it next time.


Name Minoringo (みのりんご)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
URL Website

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