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[Funabashi] Dried sardine ramen at Akasaka Ajiichi (赤坂味一)


I visited Akasaka Ajiichi (赤坂味一) after long absence. They are long-established ramen shop in Funabashi and so popular. I love Ajiichi, but they are open until 4 p.m. only from Mondays through Saturdays. So, it’s difficult to visit.

Kameido branch was open a few years ago and they are open long hour on Saturdays and Sundays, too. But I want to visit this Funabashi head shop !

They have about 30 seats in the shop. Large shop compared with another ramen shops. L-shaped counter table and legtangle tables are occupied by people from the opening time to near 4 p.m. So, even we can be seated soon, we have to wait about 20 minutes or so until our ramen is served. But they prepare magazines and manga, so we can kill time with them.

Menu. Only this. They serve niboshi ramen only. Chuka soba(中華ソバ), Chashumen (Ramen with extra roast pork, チャーシューメン), Menma ramen (メンマラーメン). Large helping is extra 100 yen. I heard Kameido branch have tsukemen.

They accept order with stronger soup and weaker soup.

I order nothing but it Chuka soba. Why ? The amount of noodles are so large. I just feel full with the noodles, soup and roast pork. It have about 250g of noodles. Or more ?

Chuka soba (中華ソバ) 700 yen

The noodles have springy texture and the soup have abundant extract of niboshi. It have a piece of yuzu peel. Yuzu added refreshing tastes.

They pour much soup into the bowl. I always drink it up. But sometime I can’t because I feel full. I want to bring leftover soup to my home when such a time :p I wish they keep to be there in Funabashi forever.


Name Akasaka Ajiichi (赤坂味一)
Open Lunch
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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