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[Kaohsiung] To Cijin district (旗津) by ferry and Tienhou temple (旗後天后宮)


Well, I went back to the ferry terminal after eating shaved ice and tried to get on the ferry. But before that, there were so many people waiting in line. Around 200 people were waiting outside the building. Also people on a motorbike can get on the ferry 🙂

Ferries work so frequently. So, after 20 minutes or so, I could get on the ferry.

It took about only five minutes to Cijin. 25 TWD one way. Though I don’t understand Chinese words at all, but there was no problem. This terminal connect just between Gushan and Cijin. So, all I had to do was to follow the long line in patience and insert 15 TWD  into the machine.

Departure ! The ferry is double-decker. Of course, I got best position like child! :p

Cijin district appeared in my sight soon.

Cijin ferry terminal. Cool.

Some local people enjoyed fishing besides the terminal.

Cijin was peninsula. But now Cijin is separated by the waters for traffic convenience. I walked along the main street and beautiful Tienhou temple (旗後天后宮) came in my sight soon.

Many people prayed in the temple.

There’re many shops and stalls along the main street. So, I felt like eating some…


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