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[Taipei] Lai Lai Dumpling (來來水餃) in Nanjichang night market


Ningxia night market is my main dining in Taipei, but I also like Nanjichang night market, too. I always get to there by bus from Ximen station. It takes only 15 minutes. If you go there on foot, it take 40 minutes or so. They have nostalgic atmosphere. Almost all people is Taiwanese.

Lai Lai Dumpling is my delight dumpling shop in Taipei. I love their dumplings. They are so popular, so almost all chairs are always occupied. But I always go there by myself, so I manage to secure seat. And I ordered to the staff. The don’t understand both English and Japanese. Chinese only.

But no problem. They have those foods only. That’s all. Dumpling have two types. Chinese cabbage and pork dumpling (豚肉大白菜水餃) and leak dumpling (韮菜水餃). 70 TWD per 10 pieces. And they have hot and sour soup (酸辣湯). It have three sizes. Large (55 TWD), medium (50 TWD) and small (45 TWD). And another, they have small dishes at the back of the shop. We can take them as we want. 45 TWD each. Ah, 售完 means “sold out”.

Though they are located in the night market, they are shop. So, there’s no problem about rainfall. They make dumplings at the back of the shop. I always watch them. I never get bored.

Chopsticks, spoon, dish, spicy miso, soy sauce, vinegare and so on on each table. So, I make my special dumpling sauce while waiting.

There’s garlic in the box.

Dumplings. I always put dumplings into the sauce and eat. Almost all people do so. But a man in front of me peeled some garlic and put on the 20 pieces of dumplings and put the source on it. And then he started to eat. He’s very cool ! I want to try next time !

This is Chinese cabbage and pork dumpling. Its skin had springy texture. And it’s texture was like water jelly a bit. If you say simply “dumpling please”, they serve it.

Chinese cabbage and pork dumpling (豚肉大白菜水餃) 70 TWD

It have Chinese cabbage having crunchy texture. And the fat of pork comes out. It had light tastes.

And this is leek dumplings.

Leek dumplings (韮菜水餃) 70 TWD

The section of the dumplings. It had vermicelli, too. The smell of leek was strong. If you love leek, I recommend it 😉

Their hot and soup soup have much vegetables (Chinese cabbage mainly). The texture wasn’t thick. It had some coriander. It don’t have duck’s blood jelly. Both sourness and spiciness is weak. So, if you love strong hot and sour soup, you can add seasonings on the table. I added, too.

Hot and sour soup, small (酸辣湯 小碗) 45 TWD


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