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[Taipei] Shaved ice with mango at Bingzan (冰讃)


Bingzan (冰讃) is awesome. Their mango xue hua bing is far the best shaved ice with mango in Taiwan for me. They are located within 5 minutes walk from Shuanlian station in Taipei. I always stay in the hotel nearby so that I can visit there at any time 🙂

Bingzan is open from the end of April to the middle of October only. It’s mango season. They are open during mango season only.

This shop is so popular among Japanese tourists. And almost all people in the shop seemed to be Japanese. Japanese words can be heard and seen here and there. And they take order with Japanese words. But there’s no English words.

  1. At first, we go to the cashier to order. They have a long counter table. Left is order area, and right is to get foods.

This is the menu.

2.Pay money

3.Get bell and take seats anywhere.

3. After bell beep, go to the counter and get your foods.

4. Enjoy eating.

5. Return the tray to the shelf near the entrance after finished eating

* In case there’s a waiting line, follow the end.
* Even though there are some vacant seats, sometime you have to wait outside because of large group waiting.

Bingzan allow us to share those foods. You can order one shaved ice and share it with some friends. Mostly two person share one shaved ice. You can take spoon as you need at the counter. Sometime I found large group share one shaved ice. But staffs are trouble in keep seats for large group and they don’t think such a large group share only one shaved ice. I think we should share one shaved ice with two or three person.

This is my best shaved ice in Taiwan. Snow ice with mango. It seems about 90% of visitors order it. Beautiful. It have so much mango on the snow ice. They cut those mango after they take order. So, it’s fresh and juicy.

Snow ice with mango (芒果雪花冰) 150TWD

So much mango and mango sauce, condense milk. And snow shaved ice. The looking is perfect. The tastes is perfect, too. I like snow ice better than normal ice because it don’t make freeze my stomach. My stomach is weak for cold things. Also I like adding their homemade pudding with 10TWD. It have smooth texture and is sweet.

With pudding (布丁, 10 TWD)

Shaved ice with mango have pure ice. Not milk ice.

Shaved ice with mango (芒果牛奶冰) 130TWD

It have condense milk and mango sauce, too. I ordered it with pudding (10TWD), too.

It also have much mango. Though it’s delicious, pure ice attack my weak stomach.

Snow ice with two fruits is snow ice with two fruits. We can choose two fruits from some. I chose mango and watermelon. Red and yellow. Brilliant.

Snow ice with two fruits (雙拼水果雪花冰) 170 TWD

Though the watermelon was sweet and delicious, the mango had strong flavor and sweetness. So, I felt the flavor of watermelon is weak after eating mango. I think we’d better eating mango only if we want mango.


Name Bingzan (冰讃)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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