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[Kaohsiung] Cijin (旗津)


I walked along the main street after I saw Tienhou temple. There’s a beach at the end of the street. But no one swim at there.

Japanese music festival was held 🙂 She sang Teresa Teng’s song. ”I only care about you”

By the way, I felt hungry, but there was no foods that attracted me because Cijin have many fresh seafood, but somehow I didn’t feel like eating seafood that time. I was in the mood for meat. There were many shops and stalls and they sold fresh seafood.

Squid that is my delight only attracted me. I thought I should eat another food because I ate grilled squid the previous night. But it looked delicious…

Ah, I bought it all the same… I ate it at the bench at the beach. Heaven…

Grilled squid (50 TWD)

After that I walked in Qihou Market (旗后観光市場).

They sell fresh seafood and dried seafood snacks.

Ah, so much dried seafood snacks… But I don’t like them… So, I got out of the marked in five minutes or so.

And then, I went toward the lighthouse.

But I couldn’t get to the lighthouse. Somehow I got to the remains of battery that could be seen view of the Cijin town instead of that. Why… but fine view !

I gave up going to the lighthouse after all and bought tapioca milk tea at Teapatea (茶湯會) in front of the ferry terminal before following the line for ferry.

I followed the end of the line with it. Boba milk tea.

Boba milk tea (珍珠奶茶, 49 TWD)

Good-bye Cijin ! I want to see night view of Cijin next time !


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