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[Tsukiji] Kakifurai lunch at Takeno (多け乃)


Speaking of deep fried oysters (kakifurai) in Tsukiji, I remember Fujimura is great. But also Takeno (多け乃) serve delicious deep fried oysters. If you visit there for the first time, you might hesitate to open the door because of such a barricade. But once if you open the door, variety of delicious foods welcome you.

They have 1F and 2F. I heard 2F is suitable for party, but I haven’t gone upstairs. Only 1F. 1F have some counter seats and about three tables having four chairs each.

They are open throughout from day and night. There are some groups who enjoy alcoholic drinks during weekdays’ lunchtime, but they prepare lunch menu, too. It’s available until 2 p.m. Not only deep fried oysters but also they serve sashimi, tempura, boiled fish, grilled fish and so on. Deep fried oysters is served from October to April only.

There are many foods name on the wall. All foods are available during lunchtime, too. Almost all foods are current price.

This is Deep fried oysters set. The appearance of Takeno’s deep fried oysters is characteristic. Its shape is like straw bag. One set have four deep fried oysters. Another, the set have shredded cabbage, miso soup and namul. This rice is normal portion. But large for me. The miso soup had much asari clams.

Deep fried oysters set (カキフライ定食) 1150 yen

One deep fried oysters have 2 or 3 smaller oysters. I couldn’t find the number of oysters because oysters are tightly packed. Once I bite, much extracts of oysters spreads in my mouth.

With mustard is good. Needless to say, Worcestershire sauce is excellent. I rarely eat deep fried oysters with soy sauce. But those deep fried oysters went with soy sauce well. I think it’s because these deep fried oysters have crisp coating. I want to eat their deep fried oysters at least one time per one season. They don’t prepare tar tar sauce. But I think it don’t go with tar tar sauce.

Takeno have good sashimi, too. Tuna sashimi is valuable. Much slices of tuna.

Tuna sashimi (マグロぶつ切り定食) 880 yen


Name Takeno (多け乃)
Open Day through night
Reservation Available except lunch use
Credit card Unavailable
URL Website, Instagram

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