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[Ginza] Stand-up-eating sushi at Hinatomaru (ひなと丸)


Hinatomaru Group (ひなと丸) is expanding. They are stand-up-eating sushi shop and their head shop is in Asakusa. And finally, they have a new branch in Ginza. So, I had solo dinner at there after work. Hinatomaru is managed by fish-broker. So, they supply good seafood at inexpensive price.

This is the menu. One piece of sushi is from 70 yen to 490 yen.

And another they have many seasonal seafood.

Of course, you can have sushi with green tea, but they have many drinks. Beer is 350 yen.

I ordered octopus at first, but they said octopus was just sold out. I thought for a while, and then the staff said “We have oyster ! Last one !”. So, I had it. Huge oyster. To tell the truth, I didn’t feel like having oyster that day. But this oyster had plenty of extract of oyster and was delicious. I wanted second helping :p

Oyster (カキ) 490 yen

When I went to Asakusa head shop, I was impressed by the tastes of nakaochi. So, I ordered this time, too. Nakaochi is leftover fresh on the spine of tuna. But it was quite differ from that I had it at Asakusa. It had quite light tastes. The kinds of tuna was differ at first. Of course, it was good.

Nakaochi (中落ち軍艦) 70 yen

This is their signature sushi. Head meat of tuna. Though tuna is gigantic fish, one tuna don’t have much head meat. So, it’s precious. It’s so fatty. It melted in my mouth smoothly. The lightly vinegared rice went with the fatty meat.

Head meat of tuna (本鮪頭肉) 200 yen

Flatfish and cuttlefish. This flatfish was No.1 that day for me. It was marinated with konbu seaweed. And it had sticky texture a bit. It’s great. Also the cuttlefish was good. I thought I want to have second helping of both.

Flatfish marinated with konbu seaweed (平目昆布〆 250 yen) and cuttlefish (すみいか 150 yen)

And soft roe. It had refreshing tastes like milk. The brown jelly is ponzu jelly.

Soft roe (白子軍艦) 250 yen

Last, I had surf clam. It’s sweet. It had crunchy texture a bit. But it’s soft. Their sushi is rather small, so, we can enjoy a variety of sushi 😉

Surf clam (活ほっき貝) 200 yen


Name Hinatomaru Ginza (ひなと丸 銀座店)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
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