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[Tokyo] Porcini and truffle ramen at Iruca Tokyo (入鹿TOKYO) in Roppongi


Iruca Tokyo (入鹿TOKYO) might get most attention in all ramen shop in Tokyo now. I visited there the other day. They were open in 2021 and already got Michellin bibgourmand. They are close to Midtown Tokyo. Their head shop is in Kurume of Fukuoka and also their head shop is 4 years old or so. The chef trained Nagi (Sugoi ramen), Itto and so on. But his ramen is quite differ from those shops.

There’s A group in front of the shop, and also B group is in front of the road. There were about 30 people waiting, but I could enter the shop in an hour or so.

There’re about 8 counter seats and there’s a room at the back of the shop. It’s looks like fancy Japanese cuisine restaurant. It’s similar to Hachigou in Ginza.

Menu. The staff handed it to me while waiting. Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean language there. There’s a ticket vending machine in the shop and the position of buttons are as same as it. There were so many foreign tourists there. By the way, the most inexpensive ramen is 1200 yen. Higher.

About their ramen.

I ordered it. Special porcini shoyu ramen. They said it’s the most popular one in the shop. Beautiful.

Special Porcini Shoyu rmen (ポルチーニ醤油らぁ麺特製) 1800 yen

The soup had four soups. Nagoya cochin chicken, Kurobuta pork from Kagoshima, mussels, and ise-ebi shrimp. And they mix those four soups after order. I think they use high quality ingredients. Delicious. The flavor of truffe and porcini was good, too. The soup wasn’t hot and the noodles were soft. I think it’s for foreign tourists who don’t like very hot soup and firm noodles. Also I don’t like very hot soup, so it’s good for me, too.

Boiled egg of Hinai jidori chicken, chicken ball, shrimp ball, roast duck, roast chicken, roast pork. Everything was good. Especially, the rost duck was awesome. It had barsamic sauce on it. The pastes on the spoon is mushrooms. It have truffles, too.

Because it’s not hot, I could feel the flavor of flour from the noodles.


Name Iruca TOKYO (入鹿TOKYO)
Open Lunch, Dinner
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