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[Ginza] Matcha at Nakamura Tokichi (中村藤吉銀座本店) in Ginza SIX


Ginza Six have many shops and restaurants, and also Nogaku-do (Nogaku theater).

What most surprising me when I heard this building’s opening was Nakamura Tokichi (中村藤吉) ! Nakamura Tokichi is long-established tea producer in Uji of Kyoto. It was founded in 1854 (Ansei Era). This is the first branch in Kanto area (Eastern area of Japan). I always couldn’t enter the shop in Kyoto because of long line.

I visited there after work. Nakamura Tokichi is on 4th floor of Ginza Six. When I visited there around 6:30 p.m. on weekdays, I found there were unexpectedly many vacant seats. About only 1/3 of seats were occupied. There’re counter seats at the center of the room, surrounded by tables. Most of tables have two chairs.

The staff said to me, “Please be seated where you like.”. And after I was seated, she handed menu and serve tea. Tea is included in food. She said to me, “Please wait for a minutes or so. And it’s the good time to drink”. But I thought I should wait about two minutes. They added hot water after I drunk it up. The pot have much hot water, so, many people chatted with it for a long while after finished eating. When it isn’t busy time, this shop is really comfortable.

A part of menu book. Almost all food have photo on the menu. Namacha Jelly and parfait is the most popular in the shop.

I ordered Namacha jelly with Fukamidori flavor. Unexpectedly it was much jelly and ice cream.

Namacha jelly ,Fuka-midori (生茶ぜりぃ 深翠) 1350 yen

Three small matcha ice cream. “Fukamidori” means deep green. As its name, matcha-flavored beans paste (anko) is such a strong green. This beans paste had really rich tastes, and tasted strong matcha flavor. delicious. Also black beans and chestnut seasoned with sugar was good, too.

This is Namacha jelly (matcha). Though the bowl isn’t large, it was filled with jelly. So, it was much more jelly than its looking. As a result it was my dinner. I couldn’t eat something after I got out of the shop. Also three shiratama had springy texture and tasted good.
They recommend we eat this jelly without anything for enjoying the rich matcha tastes. And then, they recommend we eat it with matcha ice cream and the beans tastes.

I also visit there another day. Of course, it was after work. And I ate parfait. This is Bessei Maruto Parfait. Bessei (別製) means special and top-quality tea. This parfait have the Bessei matcha. So, this is named Bessei Maruto Parfait and this is served at Ginza branch only.

Bessei Maruto Parfait (別製まるとパフェ) 2200 yem

From the horizon. It have matcha chiffon cake, awapon (dried sweet rice), matcha ice cream, shiratama, matcha paste, azuki beans, namacha jelly, chestnuts and so on. Everything was great. Especially, the flavor of macha ice cream and macha pastes was overwhelming.

The sourness of raspberry sauce changed the smooth tastes of matcha.

There’re many their products in front of the shop and we can get confectionery and tea produced by Nakamura Tokichi. Of course, we can buy Namacha jelly, too. But it was so popular, and when I visited there, it was already sold out. Some people visit there only for shopping.


Name Nakamura Tokichi (中村藤吉銀座本店)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
URL Website, Instagram

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