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Moved – [Tokyo] Spring and summer tastes at Sushi Hashimoto (鮨はしもと) in Shintomicho


I went to long-awaited Sugita (former Miyakozushi) in April and I was really satisfied with his splendid sushi, and we went to Sushi Hashimoto (鮨はしもと) the other day, too 🙂

We were surprised Sugita’s high quality sushi and we also thought Hashimoto never get the better of Sugita. But we visited Hashimoto and his sushi is splendid, too ! Especially I like Hashimoto’s dishes better than Sugita’s. Of course, both is great. It’s matter of preference.

Hashimoto serves chef’s choice course only (14000 yen) and we were seated and waited for our foods served as usual. Of course, I ordered Japanese sake as usual 🙂 Chef’s choice course have assorted tsumami (small dishes having seasonal seafood) and sushi.

At first, fava bean was served with Japanese sake named “Kozaemon (小右衛門)”.

Fava bean (ソラマメ) and Japanese sake

Marbled sole. It had sticky texture and was tasty as last time 🙂

Marbled sole (Makogarei / マコガレイ)

Red clam had crunchy texture and it was sweet 🙂

Red clam (Aoyagi / 青柳)

And firefly squid. It was marinated with miso. It’s tiny squid. This is my delight !

Firefly squid (Hotaruika / 蛍烏賊)

Marinated tuna dressed with soy sauce. Diced tamagoyaki is on it.

Marinated tuna (鮪のヅケ)

Bamboo shoot dressed with monkfish liver sauce.

Bamboo shoot dressed with monkfish liver sauce (たけのこの鮟肝ソース和え)

The chawanmushi had abundant flavor of Sakura prawns and those prawns were so crisp.

Chawanmushi with sakura prawn (桜海老の茶碗蒸し)

Last tsumami was grilled fish. I like cutlass fish best at Hashimoto for grilled fish.

Grilled cutlass fish with salt (太刀魚の塩焼き)

I always drink one container of sake only for tsumami. So, I drunk it up and got green tea for sushi. By the way, Sushi Hashimoto bring hand towel before serving sushi as well as Sugita. So, if you don’t care about picking sushi with your fingers, you’d better eat them with your fingers because some seafood is so soft and hard to hold with chopsticks, especially sea urchin is.

At first, gizzard shad was served as usual. Mostly Hashimoto serve sushi from gizzard shad. Beautifully decorative cut !

Young gizzard shad (Kohada / 小肌)

Young red sea bream is called Kasugo. It had good flavor and like it.

Young red sea bream (Kasugo / 春子鯛)

Cockle. It is called torigai (bird clam) in Japanese because its appearance look like flying bird 🙂 I agree. And it was really sweet. This was No.1 hen clam that I had eaten ever. Incredible !

Cockle (Torigai / 鳥貝)

Trout. It’s so fatty.

Trout (Omemasu / 大目鱒)

I forgot the species of this squid, but it was tasty as usual.

Squid (Ika / いか)

Fatty part of tuna. Though it was fatty, it had refreshing tastes.

Fatty part of tuna (Toro / トロ)

Horse mackerel. It’s my delight.

Horse mackerel (Aji / 鯵)

Kuruma prawn. I was so happy to eat it. Hashimoto’s Kuruma prawn is now great.

Kuruma prawn (Kurumaebi / 車海老)

Sea urchin. You’ll understand what I mentioned above. It can’t be held with chopsticks and you have to eat soon, or the sea urchin collapse.

Sea urchin (uni / ウニ)

The last sushi was conger eel as usual. I didn’t order another because nothing attracted me anything else and I got full.

Conger eel (anago / 穴子)

Last, Tamagoyaki and shijimi clam soup. This is the sign of end of the dinner.

Tamagoyaki (玉子焼き)
Shijimi clam soup (しじみ汁)

We enjoyed that time, too. We’ll visit Hashimoto at the end of this July. Maybe my friend’s delight, young gizzard shad (shinko) will be included in the course 🙂


Name Sushi Hashimoto (鮨はしもと)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Required (Omakase)
Credit card Available

Google Map (Current location)


  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    That’s one of the places I really want to try. The sushi looks delicious.

  2. annika says:

    Everything is so delicious looking!

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