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[Tokyo] Ariake Washington Hotel (有明ワシントンホテル) in front of Kokusai Tenjijo sta. suitable for Comiket


I stayed in Ariake Washington Hotel (有明ワシントンホテル) for two nights because I joined the event at Tokyo Garden Theater for two consective days. I have to say at first, it’s far just a bit to Garden Theater. But Tokyo Gi g Site is very close and the hotel was very comfortable. So I recommend you staye at this hotel if you have something to do at Ariake. It takes 15 minutes walk between the hotel and Garden Theater. So, not too far. The hotel is gigantic.

There’s drug store, Cocos, MacDonald, convenience store, restaurants in the hotel. Though I went to Toyosu Market to have breakfast by Yurikamome every morning, and went to Garden Theater. But we can do everything in the hotel. Morning, lunch and dinner. This hotel is facing Kokusai Tenjijo station.

They have over 800 rooms. So, their lobby is very large.

There’s toothbrush only in my room. And they prepare razor, comb and so on on the 1st floor.

Room floor. This hotel is rather old, but it’s tidy. So, I felt comfortable.

Tidy room.

Night ware. Though I stayed in there by myself, they prepared two night wares.

Though the desk isn’t large, it have mirror, refrigerator, TV, pot, air cleaner. I’m satisfied.

Drinks. Coffee and tea. They quit to prepare glass, and prepare paper cup. Umm. I wanted glass for beer at night 🙁

Bath room. Of course, they have bathtub. The shower pressure was enough. Good !

Shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap (and hand soap) is POLA’s.

The view was very good because my room was on the upper floor. That’s Kokusai Tenjijo station. Very close !

The night view was splendid.

I didn’t need room cleaning, so they hanged towel, toothbrush, tea and room ware in the bag.


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