Ramen / ラーメン / 拉面


[Tokyo] Ramen at Ikaruga (斑鳩) in Tokyo Sta.

A branch of Ikaruga (斑鳩) is in Tokyo station and they serve gyokai tonkotsu ramen. They serve three levels of ramen. Normal, rich and greasy with wide noodles.
Kanagawa & Saitama

[Yokohama] Hechikan Fukutomicho Honten (丿貫 福富町本店) in Sakuragicho

Unexpectedly my target ramen shop in Sakuragicho was closed and I walked to another ramen shop nearby that I had wanted...

[Osaka] Mugi to Mensuke (麦と麺助) in Nakatsu

We visited Mugi to Mensuke (麦と麺助) located in Nakatsu area of Osaka. They are one of the most popular ramen shop in Osak...

[Tokyo] Niboshi ramen at Homemade Ramen Muginae (麦苗) in Omori

Muginae was nominated by Michellin bib gourmand 2021. If you have ramen at there, Korocha gohan (コロチャーご飯) is MUST to order. It's delicious itself, and more pour leftover soup into the bowl and eating it like chazuke is awesome.

[Sapporo] Sapporo ramen at Ichiryuan (一粒庵)

When I visited Sapporo, I felt like eating Sapporo miso ramen all the same. So, I searched for good miso ramen around S...

[Ginza] Niboshi ramen at Ito (自家製麺 伊藤 銀座店)

I heard Ramen shop Ito (自家製麺 伊藤) in Akabane opened Ginza branch. Ginza is close to my office. So, I'm very glad the new...

[Hakodate] Jiyouken (ラーメン滋養軒) in Hakodate

I wanted to eat Hakodate ramen if I have opportunity to visit Hakodate. So, of course, I visited ramen shop for Hakodat...

[Ginza] Kagari (銀座 篝) after moved

To all people who waited for Toripaitan of Ginza Kagari for a long time since they have closed, finally Ginza Kagari co...

Moved – [Tokyo] Blue ramen at Kipposhi (吉法師) in Honjo Adumabashi

I heard a ramen shop in Oshiage area serving blue ramen. So, I wanted to eat it for a long time. Finally, I visited the...

[Tokyo] Marumasa (奥州白河ラーメン まる政) in Hirai

I felt like eating lightly-seasoned Shirakawa-style ramen having soy sauce soup the other day. So, I visited Marumasa (...

[Ginza] Mugi to Olive (むぎとオリーブ)

Mugi to Olive (むぎとオリーブ) is located along ramen street at the back of Ginza Six and they have always long line in front ...

[Ichikawa] Ramen at Fukuwauchi Iwase (二九八家 いわせ) in Motoyawata

Belated happy new year ! I'm spending New Year holidays in my new house. I already accustomed to my new house and try s...

[Funabashi] Fatty tonkotsu ramen at Gira Gira (戯拉戯拉)

I'm exploring ramen shop near Funabashi station. Today, I visited Gira Gira (戯拉戯拉) just close to the station. Gira Gira...

[Tsudanuma] Marukyu ramen at Tsukumo ramen (九十九ラーメン)

I rememeber Marukyu ramen made by Tsukumo ramen (九十九ラーメン) was all the rage about 10 years ago. Tsukumo ramen is tonkots...

[Osaka] Jouroku (麺屋 丈六) in Namba

Today, I post about one of the best ramen shop in Osaka. The ramen shop's name is Jouroku (麺屋 丈六). They are located in ...
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