[Tokyo] Niboshi ramen at Tsukihi (煮干中華蕎麦つきひ) in Kameido

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Tsukihi (煮干中華蕎麦つきひ) in Kameido serve the best niboshi ramen for me. Their soup have abundant extract of niboshi ! Tsukihi is at the end of the house.

Kameido Yokocho bldg

I only visited there at lunchtime, so almost all restaurants are always closed. Bar, izakaya… I’m sure this house is busy at night 🙂

There are only 6 seats. Though they have another tables, they rarely use it.

No.1 is 中華蕎麦 (Chuka soba). Basically, they have two types of ramen. Chuka soba and rich soba. And another they sometimes serve limited ramen, and limited aedama. So, you’d better check their twitter.

This is basic ramen. Special Chuka soba. This gray soup have plenty of niboshi ! And much niboshi powder is floating. ‘Special’ have two slice of roast pork and roast chicken each. And another egg, laver, purple onion, onion, green onion. The noodle is very narrow. It was boiled firm. But I’m slow eater and it get softer while eating.

Special Chuka soba (特製中華そば) 1050 yen

I always drink it up.

Next, it’s Rich soba with egg. It’s not ‘special’. It have one slice of roast pork and roast chicken each. Topping and noodle is as same as chuka soba. Soup…? or sauce ? It’s like aesoba. It have sticky texture. It looks squid’s innards or balone’s innards.

Rich soba with egg (味玉濃厚蕎麦) 1000 yen

It’s really rich texture. The chef himself says ‘it’s incredibly salty’. Yes. It’s salty. But tasty…

Especially, this niboshi vinegare is helpful to eat the rich soba. It add the soup refreshing tastes.

Aedama (和え玉) is special kaedama. Kaedama is simple noodle. It’s second helping of noodle. But aedama is seasoned with something. Tsukihi have mostly 2 or 3 aedama. This is basic aedama. Niboshi aedama. The gray powder is, of course, niboshi powder. It’s good as aesoba.

Niboshi aedama (煮干しの和え玉) 200 yen

Of course, it’s good as kaedama. In case rich soba, aedama become tsukemen 🙂


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