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Closed – [Hakodate] Hakodate ramen Kamome (函館らーめん かもめ)


I went to Ekini market to eat living squid, but there wasn’t living squids because of severe weather. So, I was disappointed ant got out of the building, and I saw Kamome‘s memu. Kamome is so popular ramen shop in Hakodate, but sadly they will be closed in October 20. I found a vacant seat and entered the shop.

There’re counter seats only and the shopkeeper do everything. Cooking, serving, cashier. Kammome is in a old house.

This is the menu. Of course, they have simple ramen, and also they have gorgeous ramen having seafood. A woman next to me ate the gorgeous seafood ramen.

As I said, I wanted to eat squid. Of course, I ate squid ramen. Soy sauce soup and salt soup can be chosen. I chose soy sauce that is their recommendation. I agree. This ramen go with soy sauce.

Squid ramen (いから~めん) 1000 yen

The soy sauce soup had clear tastes based on chicken broth. I think also it have pork bone broth. And wakame, menma (bamboo shoot) and green onion. Unexpectedly it had much squid. Those were grilled lightly. Soft and good.

Curly noodles. I know this is the standard ramen that is eaten in rural port town. Simple. Very simple. And good. Enough.

At first I wasn’t satisfied with the soup. But grilled squid added the soup good flavor after a few minutes and became good. I drunk it up after all 🙂


Name Hakodate ramen Kamome (函館らーめん かもめ)
Open Morning – Lunch
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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