[Omiya] Niboshimaru (煮干し中華そば専門 煮干丸)

Kanagawa & Saitama
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I love niboshi ramen, so I always search for niboshi ramen on the internet before trip to somewhere. I visited Omiya, so I had lunch at Niboshimaru (煮干し中華そば専門 煮干丸) that is so popular as niboshi ramen in front of JR Omiya station. They are a second shop of Nakamuraya Souhonzan in Kawagoe. They are open throughout business hour on weekends.

They are located just close to Omiya station.

They serve niboshi ramen only. They have four types of niboshi ramen. Normal niboshi ramen, rich niboshi ramen, niboshi ramen (white soy sauce), extremely rich niboshi ramen (available from 5 p.m.). We can choose the amount of noodles from Normal (並盛 / 180g), Medium (中盛 / 230g) and large (大盛 / 280g) without extra charge. Their noodles are firmer. They adjust about your noodles as you like.

I ordered rich niboshi ramen. RIch niboshi ramen have such a cement-colored soup. Medium amount of noodles. 230g is not so large. The soup have so much niboshi extract and niboshi powder.

rich niboshi ramen (濃厚煮干そば) 820 yen

The noodles were firm for me at first, but it became softer while eating. So, it was just for me as a whole. It had two slices of roast pork. It wasn’t so fatty. Good. And the soup had plenty of extract of niboshi. Delicious.

There’re some seasonings on the table. This is niboshi oil simmered with niboshi innards and garlic. This is MUST 🙂

Once I added it into the soup, the soup changed to quite another one. The oil added the flavor of garlic and bitterness of niboshi.

By the way, I think normal amount of noodles is the best for the amout of the soup. If you want to eat much, Medium or Large is good, but not, Normal is the best.


Name Niboshimaru (煮干し中華そば専門 煮干丸)
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