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[Tokyo] Hamburg steak at Tsubame Grill (つばめグリル) in Kinshicho


Tsubame Grill (つばめグリル) was born in 1930 in Ginza. Now there are many branches mainly in Tokyo. But I haven’t been there. This was the first time ! I visited Kinshicho branch in Kinshicho Termina 2.

Samples at the entrance. Hamburg steak, croquette, salmon… Yes. They are Yoshoku restaurant. Yoshoku is Japanese foods based on European cuisine.

Kinshicho branch is in the building connected to the station, but they have such a cozy atmosphere.

Speaking of Tsubame Grill, this Hamburg steak is so popular. Hamburg steak is hamburger steak. Tsubame Grill’s Hamburg steak have Akaushi beef.

Drinks and dessert. And another, they have scallop cream croquette, pork steak and kakifurai (Winter only) and so on. And speaking of Tsubame Grill, tomato’s farcie salad is so popular.

This was the first visit to Tsubame Grill, so I ordered the standard one. Tsubame’s Hamburg steak with rice and soup. The staff put it on the table after order. This is for Hamburg steak.

But soup was served before that. Clam chowder soup. This soup had rich texture and was delicious. It had a scallop. And another, it had much ingredients like mushroom. Though I rarely have clam chowder soup, I like it very much.

Rice and soup (ライスとスープ) 495 yen

And finally, Hamburg steak and rice was served after I finished the soup. I thought for 10 seconds or so. I cut from the cover with knife :p But I thought I’m wrong all the same. I opened the cover with hand.

It’s the proof of my act with knife :p Once I opened the cover, the abundant flavor attacked my face ! Awesome ! The steak is in beef stew. The sauce is not sweet. And this is my tastes, too.

Tsubame’s Hamburg steak (つばめ風ハンブルグステーキ) 1947 yen

The steak was not fatty and the texture was tough. I like it. It went with rice very well.

And simmered beef. Very soft.

And this is potato. It had sticky texture. Of course, it went with the sauce very well.

I was satisfied with those dishes, but I felt the price got very higher. It cost me 2500 yen in total. Tsubame Grill is rich Family Restaurant !


Name Tsubame Grill Kinshicho Termina 2 (つばめグリル 錦糸町テルミナ2店)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
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