[Tokyo] Suageya (素揚げや) in Koiwa

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I had dinner at Suageya (素揚げや) in Koiwa the other day. They are long-established izakaya and serve deep fried baby bird chicken without coating.

There’s frozen lemon instead of ice. So, it don’t become weak 🙂 Suageya is proud of this lemon sour. Ganso Saikyo lemon sour. “Ganso (元祖)” means original. “Saikyo (最強)” means strongest. The alcoholic is strong. And it don’t have ice. It have much frozen sliced lemon instead. So, it never get weak. This is the reason they named it “Ganso Saikyo lemon sour”.

Ganso Saikyo lemon sour (最強レモンサワー) 400 yen

We were seated along the counter table surrounding the kitchen. So, we could enjoy good smell of chickens deeply fried in front of us.

Boiled chicken. It’s joint meat between heart and liver. This part of meat is also called ‘kokoronokori’. It was seasoned stronger and good. It must be good for rice ! Of course, lemon sour is good friend !

Boiled chicken (煮鳥) 350円 yen

Sardine and potherb mustard salad as otoshi (included in table charge)

Sardine and potherb mustard salad as otoshi

Deep fried vegetables without coating. Pumpkin, okra, tomato, zucchini, onion and so on. Everything was good. It was served with miso.

Deep fried vegetables (野菜の素揚げ) 730 yen

Of course, we had their specialty. Deep fried baby bird chicken ! Gizzard, wing and leg meat was served in succession. It’s good for two person. At first, gizzard. Its crunchy texture was good 🙂

Gizzard – Deep fried baby bird chicken(ひな鳥の素揚げ, 1800yen)

Wing. The staff broke it up like this. It was deeply fried and baby bird’s bone isn’t hard. So, we could eat narrow bones 🙂

Wing – Deep fried baby bird chicken(ひな鳥の素揚げ, 1800yen)

Leg meat. It was so juicy. Its skin was so crisp 🙂

Leg meat – Deep fried baby bird chicken(ひな鳥の素揚げ, 1800yen)

Last, we had tamagokake gohan. It had green onion, ume konbu, laver.

Tamagokake gohan (玉子かけごはん) 400 yen

I was impressed by the tastes of deep fried baby birds without coatings ! I recommend to all people who love chicken !


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