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Moved – [Tokyo] Sushi Hashimoto (鮨はしもと) in October


We occupied Sushi Hashimoto (鮨はしもと) in Shintomicho the other day. We enjoyed their splendid sushi to the full.

But taking full reservation of seats is getting harder and harder. It might be the last time. Sushi Hashimoto is going up the stairs to be one of the great popular sushi restaurant smoothly.

The course is expensive for me and hard to go there monthly, but I think we’ll be not able to take reservation easily like now (like Miyakozushi). So, if someone ask me to join dinner at Sushi Hashimoto, I never say “No”.

Otsumami is gingko nuts. It’s Autumn flavor.

Gingko nuts

My Japanese sake was Haneya. It was fruity and easy to drink.

Haneya (羽根屋)

At first, sashimi was served. Hirame came from Rishiri of Hokkaido.

Hirame (flatfish / ひらめ)

Tsubugai. Extremely sweet !

Tsubugai (whelk, つぶ貝)

Marinated buri. Mustard was put on the meat.

Marinated buri (Marinated yellowtail, 鰤の漬け)

Chawanmushi with yuba and grated corn. Salmon roe was on it. Gorgeous.

Chawanmushi (茶碗蒸し)

Grilled sanma (saury) with vinegared miso having its innards. Its sauce was awesome. I love saury’s innards !

Grilled sanma with vinegared miso having its innards (さんまの肝味噌和え)

Marinated sujiko with miso and smaller turban shell with its innards. Sujiko is salmon roe. Anyway, that day’s foods went with Japanese sake !

Marinted sujiko with miso and smaller turban shell with its innards

Grilled ebodai with salt. Egodai is a kind of butterfish. Grilled fish is the sign of the start of sushi time.

Grilled ebodai with salt (えぼ鯛の塩焼き)

So, gari was served just after that.


First sushi that day was this one that have shining skin all the same. This is Kohada.

Kohada (Young gizzard shad, 小肌)


Sumiika (Golden cuttlefish, すみいか)

Kasugo. Young red sea bream.

Kasugo (Young red sea bream, 春子鯛)

Katsuo with mustard.

Katsuo (Bonito, かつお)

Surf clam. So sweet. The cut is so beautiful like art.

Hokkigai (Surf clam, ほっき貝)

Toro. Tuna came from Oma that day ! Tuna caught in Oma is said the king of tuna !

Toro (Fatty part of tuna, トロ)

Shimesaba. Saba is mackerel in English. “Sime” means vinegared. So, it’s vinegared mackerel. So, it’s sour a bit.

Shimesaba (Vinegared mackerel, シメサバ)

Kurumaebi from Beppu bay. So huge !

Kurumaebi (Kuruma prawn, 車海老)

Uni. One-bite sized small bowl 🙂

Uni (Sea urchin, うに)

This is… special small anago bowl that my friend ordered in special. It have two portions of anago ! He asked the chef to put two portions of conger eel sushi into the small bowl as same as sea urchin. And as a result, such a luxury bowl was served to him. He ate it up with smile.

Normally, they serve anago like this in the course (That’s mine)

Anago (Conger eel, 穴子)

Well, sushi included the course was finished. And I added some sushi.

Marinated tuna with soy sauce.

Marinated tuna with soy sauce (鮪のヅケ)

Salmon roe. Ikura.

Salmon roe (いくら)

Last, shijimi clam soup. This blue color soup is because of shijimi clam and konbu seaweed extracts.

Shijimi clam soup (しじみ汁)

Tamagoyaki was served as dessert.

Tamagoyaki (玉子焼き)

That day dishes were really tasty as a whole. Everything went with Japanese sake well 🙂 Especially, shells were sweet and tasty.

I have to apologize to the chef in the near future. When I went to there for the first time and saw him, I thought he can’t cook sushi well because of his younger and casual looking. But I’m mad about his sushi now !


Name Sushi Hashimoto (鮨はしもと)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Required (Omakase)
Credit card Available

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