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[Tokyo] Unadon at Chikuyotei Main Store (竹葉亭本店) in Tsukiji


Now eel became luxury food. And eel is being designated as an endangered species and it’ll be hard to reach more and more. I miss past days I used to eat eel bowl for 1000 yen at lunchtime so frequently. Chikuyotei Honten (竹葉亭 本店, Head shop of Chikuyoutei) serve small eel bowl at 2400 yen and large one at 2900 yen.


I ordered large eels bowl.

large eels bowl  (鰻お丼B, 2900 yen)

Kimosui (soup). One bowl of soup had two pieces of liver 🙂


The eels were steamed softly and I like such salty sauce. Though plenty of sauce was put on the rice, it was not over-rich and it tasted good. That’s the old taste at the long-established restaurant !

By the way, they are a head shop. And Ginza branch is standing in front of the gate of Ginza subway station. The price is far higher than head shop. Tsukiji branch is close to Tsukiji Outer Market. I recommend you visit head shop if you want to save money but to eat delicious eel.


Name Chikuyo-tei Honten (竹葉亭 本店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Available
URL Website, Twitter, Instagram

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