[Tokyo] LATTEST Omotesando Espresso Bar (ラテスト)

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I walked through Takeshita street to Omotesando after lunch. But Takeshita street was overcrowded. There was no space to stand in ! I felt scared.

I was entirely tired but I bought some goods at some shops, I walk around Cat Street and then I went toward a kissaten that someday I had wanted to go. But to my great sorrow they had holiday. I was so disappointed and tried to go back to the station, but I found a cafe in the same building. The cafe’s name is LATTEST. They are one of the cafe that I had wanted to visit for a long time, too. So, I decided to have a coffee there.

They are stylish and clean. There were lots of people, and many of them have something Apple’s products. iphone, laptop or ipad 😛 It seems anything but a Apple’s showroom 🙂 At first, I tried to order their signature drink “LATTEST”, but the staff said to me it’s so strong, so I drunk normal cafe latte. This normal cafe latte is enough strong. It’s like chocolate. I like it.

Latte 450 yen

Afterall I couldn’t buy some clothes at Omotesando and Harajuku. And I was exhausted. But Omotesando after a long long absence was so fun 🙂
I want to go there again soon.


Name LATTEST (ラテスト)
Open Daytime
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
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