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[Tokyo] Lamb meat skrews at Ajibou (味坊) in Kanda


Ajibou (味坊) is one of my longing restaurant that I had wanted to visit for a long time. Their lamb meat dishes are so popular.

They are located under the pass close to JR kanda station. Though they looks small restaurant from outside, they have large second floor. There were some vacant tables that day. But they are sometimes featured by TV programs, and there are always many people waiting.

Though they are so popular lamb meat, they are themselves East-Northern Chinese foods restaurant. Heilongjiang and Jilin is included. The manager came from Heilongjiang.

Those are drinks menu. Also it have lamb meat skewers that is their specialty. There’s a refrigerator on the 2nd floor and we can get wine, Chinese liquor and so on freely.

There’s a black board menu. Because many staffs and guests are Chinese, the menu have Japanese and Chinese words.

We were six and ate many dishes. Their foods are very large. So, you’d better go there at least with 3 person. I had draft beer as first drink. They don’t have a variety of drinks, but they have Japanese sake, shochu, wine and so on.

Draft beer (生ビール) 500 yen

Boiled pork back meat with soy sauce have back bone and the staff hand plastic grove to us to eat it by hand. I picked meats around the bone and ate. It was seasoned by star annis and it was sweet a bit. It went with rice well.

Boiled pork back meat with soy sauce (豚背肉の醤油うま煮) 780 yen

Cold potatoes. So much potatoes ! We were six ! So, it’s safe ! The potatoes had refreshing tastes. So, we could eat it up with easily.

Cold potatoes (ジャガイモの冷菜) 580 yen

We ordered fried tomato and egg from the blackboard menu. The sourness of tomatoes and the texture of soft egg was good. It’s the standard of Chinese foods.

Fried tomato and egg (トマトと玉子炒め) 850 yen

Cold flat vermicelli had much coriander. It was dressed with spicy sauce and it had refreshing tastes. It’s good for summer dinner !

Cold flat vermicelli (板春雨の冷菜) 900 yen

Spicy reticulum. As its name, it’s spicy and the reticulum had springy texture. Fresh onion went with the reticulum well.

Spicy reticulum (麻辣牛肚) 700 yen

And their specialty ! Lamb meat skrews ! It was seasoned with spice, for example, cumin and coriander. Delicious. Needless to say, this and beer is best freinds !

Lamb meat skrews (10 pieces / ラムの串焼き) 1800 yen

Fried lamb meat with cumin. At first, I though the difference between it and lamb meat skewer is only on skewers or not. But this was grilled with onion, so it was sweeter than lamb meat skewers.

Fried lamb meat with cumin (ラム肉のクミン炒め) 980 yen

Gyoza with lamb meat. It was seasoned wtll, so we didn’t need sauce.

Gyoza with lamb meat (ラム入り焼き餃子) 600 yen

Boiled three vegetables with soy sauce had diced eggplant, bell pepper and potatoes. Nutritious.

Boiled three vegetables with soy sauce (三種野菜の醤油うま煮) 980yen

Cold dried tofu. The cold dried tofu was dressed with coriandeer and sauce. It had refreshing tastes. This tofu was firm. So, it’s like noodles. Good.

Cold dried tofu (干し豆腐の冷菜) 800 yen

Last, we ate rice and noodles. This is fried rice seasoned with curry in soup. It was spicy ! It was more dry curry than fried rice. I wanted to eat this fried rice without soup, too.

Fried rice seasoned with curry in soup (スープカレーチャーハン) 900 yen

Soup added it mild tastes. I liked it.

Yakisoba with lamb meat. The noodles were wide and thick. It’s like udon. Yakiudon (baked udon). It didn’t have much ingredients, but the noodles had plenty of extract of meat and vegetables. It had strong tastes, but tomato added it refreshing tastes a bit.

Yakisoba with lamb meat (ラム肉入り手打ち焼きそば) 1100 yen


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