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Closed – [Tokyo] Beef tongue at Rikyu (仙臺たんや 利久) in Tokyo Station


I went to Rikyu (仙臺たんや 利久) in Tokyo station because I couldn’t forget the tastes of beef tongue that I ate at Sendai. They are located within the ticket gate. There’s a machine to get waiting ticket at the entrance. I got to there before 9 a.m., but there were so many people waiting.

That’s mistake to go to this branch for me without something to do at the station because this shop is so narrow. Very narrow. Truthfully speaking, they don’t have good environment to eat comfortably. This branch is only for people who need to use this station, want to eat beef tongue (especially in the morning).

This is the menu. They have English, Chinese and Korean menu, too. So, don’t worry. Four slices of beef tongue set cost 1771 yen. I think beef tongue is now became expensive meat.

They also calf’s tongue. They say it’s softer and smaller than normal beef tongue.

And another foods. Beef tongue can be ordered without rice and soup.

Now Rikyu have brewery in the head office from 2022. The brewery is named “Kibou no Oka brewery (希望の丘醸造所)”. And we can drink their craft beer in Rikyu’s restaurants only. Those are canned beer and it cost 715 yen. Expensive a bit. But I say again. Those beer can be drunk at Rikyu’s restaurant only. So, I ordered it.

Knuckle 167A is their flagship beer. So I ordered it. It’s pale ale. It had light bitterness. I like it. Because I ordered beer, the staff served a part of beef tongue with beer.

Knuckle 167A (ナックル167A) 715 yen

I ordered 6 slices of beef tongue set. And another, this set have tail soup, rice, dessert and boiled diced beef above.

Six slices of beef tongue set (牛たん定食 3枚6切) 2409 yen

Beef tongue. It’s smaller a bit. But it’s juicy and good. Beef tongue have two flavor. Miso and salt. I chose salt. It had refreshing tastes.

Pickles and nanban miso. Nanban miso is pepper marinated with miso. It’s spicy. Nanban miso and rice is good friends.

Tail soup had abundant extract of beef. Deliciosu.

The soup had large meat.

Dessert. Maybe it’s warabimochi. Firmer and it was not too sweet. It was good after meals.


Name Rikyu Tokyo Station (仙臺たんや 利久 東京駅店)
Open Morning through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
URL Website, X (Twitter)

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