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[Tokyo] Tachinomi at Shigekin (しげきん) in Shinkoiwa


I like tachinomi. One reason is of course, it’s inexpensive. And another, we can enjoy foods and alcoholic drinks at short time. Today, I visited Shigekin (しげきん) in Shinkoiwa.

Basically, their foods cost 390 yen ! Draft beer is 390 yen, too ! They are open from 2 p.m., so I enjoyed during daytime.

There are round tables, square tables, counter tables and so on. And another they have tatami room. But it need table charge and we can take reservation.I felt I’m in soba shop. Anyway, I was along the counter table facing wall. They take order and last we pay money in total.

Menus. They don’t prepare English menu. And they speak Japanese only. They have much seafood, and they have standard foods suitable for drinks like edamame. Everything without price on the menu is 390 yen . Three assprted sashimi cost 390 yen, too. Wow…

I like it best ! Sardine garimaki ! I love garimaki. Garimaki is rolled fish and gari.

Sardine garimaki (いわしガリ巻き) 390 yen

The section is good. Those sardines were not so fatty. It’s light ! Gari is ginger pickles. And it had cucumber. So it had refreshing tastes. The laver was delicious. I wanted to have second helping ! I want to eat mackerel version !

And it’s firefly squid. Firefly squid with vinegared miso. Firefly squid can be eaten in Spring only. It’s my delight. I enjoyed it with chuhai that cost 290 yen ! It don’t have any tastes. So, it don’t disturb the tastes of foods. Like water !

Firefly squid with vinegared miso (ホタルイカ酢みそ) 390 yen

Those firefly squids had good innards ! Delicious. There’re about 8 squids. But the amount of the miso was too much for me, so I removed a lot.

I intended to finish with those two dishes. But everything was good and I wanted to eat sashimi, too. So, I ordered houbou marinated with konbu seaweed with cold Japanese sake. Houbou is gurnard. I was surprised at the tastes ! It’s the taste of high-end Japanese restaurant ! Great !

Houbou marinated with konbu seaweed (ホウボウ昆布〆) 390 yen

I don’t go to Shinkoiwa so frequently, But I need to go there so often because such a good tachinomi shop is there. And I heard there’re many tachinomi shop like them. I want to enjoy tachinomi hop at there !


Name Shigekin (しげきん)
Open Day through night
Reservation Available for tatami room only
Credit card Unavailable

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