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[Tokyo] Valuable tonkatsu at Matsunoya (松のや)


I don’t eat tonkatsu so frequently. When I want to eat tonkatsu, I usually go to Matsunoya. Matsunoya (松のや) is managed by Matsuya that is one of the popular gyudon shop in Japan. They serve tonkatsu at valuable price. Though there’re a large number of branches of Matsuya in Japan, a number of branches of Matsunoya is still not many. Kachidoki branch is convenient for me.

Not only tonkatsu but also they have karaage, ebifurai and so on. Everything is good. In winter, they have kakifurai, too ! I usually eat loin cutlet set. It cost only 590 yen. It’s not so fatty and large. It’s good for few eater like me.

Loin cutlet set (ロースかつ定食) 590 yen

It’s enough. Its coating was crisp and it’s delicious. It had much shredded cabbage. Sometime I eat thick loin cutlet set (厚切りロースかつ定食). But it’s limited menu.

They have miso sauce (miso dare). I tried at one time. But it was too sweet for me.

This is limited menu, too. Yukiguni sodachi loin cutlet set. Yukiguni means snowland, and sodachi means grown. So, this pork was grown in snowland. It’s thick, fatty and good. This fat was sweet. They serve both limited menu at regular intevals. So you have the chance to try.

Yukiguni sodachi loin cutlet set (雪国育ちロースかつ定食) 990 yen

And last, this is their brandnew curry in this Spring. Loin cutlet black curry. This black curry was more spicy than I expected. That’s just for me ! And another they have black curry with karaage. This black color is deprived from black charcoal. And it had something green color. Perhaps it have seaweed.

Loin cutlet black curry (松のやのロースかつ黒カレー) 790 yen

The tonkatsu is on the rice, so, I eat this tonkatsu with mustard and Worcester sauce and then I eat it with curry. I want to try karaage curry, too.

If you go to Matsunoya, I recommend you get coupon on app and X (Twitter).


Name Matsunoya (松のや)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
URL Website, X (Twitter)

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