Moved – [Tsukiji Market] Kiku course at Ryu Sushi (龍寿司)

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Still there’re some shops that I haven’t visited yet in Tsukiji Market. Ryu Sushi (龍寿司) is one of the shop and finally I visited there this time.

There’s menu outside. They have menu inside, too. They have three sushi sets. Kiku set (菊 / 2500 yen), Ran set (蘭 / 3500 yen) and Omakase set (おまかせ寿司 / 4300 yen). And another they have three sashimi bowls and assorted sashimi. Those sets don’t have miso soup. If you need, you can order it with 350 yen.

They have such a seasonal seafood, too. That day, saury, very young gizzard shad, sea urchin and so on was on the menu. But I heard their seasonal seafood cost high a bit :p

There are only counter seats in the shop. The interior is really simple. Calm. I visited there for the first time, so I ordered the most inexpensive sushi set. Kiku set (菊 / 2,500 yen). It have 7 sushi and sushi roll.

If you order sushi only, they don’t serve chopsticks. Most of their sushi isn’t seasoned. So, if you need, there’s soy sauce on the table. So, you can use it. We used it, too. But the vinegared rice is flavory, so I think it’s good to eat without soy sauce, too. When they serve sushi that is seasoned, they say “Without soy sauce.”

First sushi was tuna. The vinegared rice was rather light and soft. Those rice fell to pieces in my mouth. That’s good texture.

Tuna (Maguro / 鮪)

Squid. It had sticky texture.

Squid (Ika / いか)

Red sea bream. It was marinated with konbu seaweed. So, we ate it without soy sauce.

Red sea bream (Madai / 真鯛)

Mackerel. It was marinated with vinegar lightly.

Mackerel (Saba / 鯖)

Spanish mackerel and scallop. I like the sweetness of the scallop.

Spanish mackerel (Sawara / 鰆) and Scallop (Hotate / ほたて)

Squilla. It was thick and good.

Squilla (Shako / しゃこ)

Last, Sushi roll. lean meat of tuna was good all the same. Also shredded cucumber roll had refreshing tastes.

Sushi roll (Makimono / 巻き物)

They serve each one rather quickly. I think later, it’s not necessary to eat quickly. But I eat quickly after they serve sushi :p

No.1 sushi that time was red sea bream. Kiku set is rather inexpensive and you can eat it with easily like snacks. Not too much. If you want to eat at some shops in Tsukiji, it’s good amount 😉


Name Ryu Sushi (龍寿司)
Open Morning through daytime
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