Closed – [Tsukiji Market] Edogawa Shokudo (江戸川食堂)

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There are still some shops that I hadn’t visited in Tsukiji Market.
You think I already visited all shops in Tsukiji Market. No. So, I visited one of the shop that I hadn’t visited yet. Edogawa (江戸川).

Why I hadn’t visited there ? The reason is clear. It was hard to open the door. There’s always no tourists. Almost all people are elder men who work in the market. But this time, my friend took me to there. I left everything to my friend about order. There’s no meal set and rice. They have fried rice and ramen instead :p


It’s simmered tofu. This tofu was simmered with beef meats. So extract of beef meat was soaked into the tofu ! Red ginger is good !

Simmered tofu (豆腐のみ) 220 yen

Boiled cod with soy sauce. This is the most popular food at Edogawa ! I think almost all people who visit there for the first time order it. The fatty cod was seasoned with soy sauce stronger. Delicious. Of course, Japanese sake and beer go with it well, but I think rice is good, too. Why don’t they have rice ? :p

Boiled cod with soy sauce – small (たら煮・小) 550 yen

Firefly squids with vinegared miso. It’s the tastes of Spring. Though firefly squids are tiny squids, its innards, leg, meat… everything together in my mouth and extracts spreads out.

Firefly squids with vinegared miso (Hotaruika / ほたるいかの酢味噌和え) 600 yen

Those had springy texture ! And its innards were sweet and good !

Tuna sashimi. Lean meat. As you see, it’s fresh.

Tuna sashimi (まぐろブツ) 750 yen

Everything was great ! I think they have the fewest guests in the Market and we can enter the house without waiting so much even on Saturdays.


Name Edogawa Shokudo (江戸川食堂)
Open Morning through noon
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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  1. Edogawa is a very nice neighborhood and I like it a lot especially Nishi kasai and kasai, good mix of restaurants, shops and supermarket!!! Tried 串あげ田 & 鱼正 at nishikasai, both very good!

  2. Oops did not notice the restaurant’s name was edogawa but if u haven’t tried those 2 restaurants at nishikasai, maybe u can consider 🙂

    • Ryoko says:

      Don’t worry about it.Thanks for comment 🙂
      I’m interested in your recommendation and searched on the internet, but to our regret, I found those two restaurants already closed up X(
      How did you know these restaurants ? I think NishiKasai is not well-known by tourists from overseas. Perhaps you were living around Nishikasai ever ? 🙂

      • Oh dear it was back in 2012 when I stayed there during my holidays near a friend’s place. Sorry that they are closed hope there are nicer ones which opened up.

  3. annika says:

    Your food photos make me so hungry! Also hello, I am a new reader to your blog 🙂

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