[Osaka] Abura-kasu udon at Matsuya (松屋) in Namba

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Whenever I visit Osaka, I get to there early in the morning and eat udon as breakfast. But covid-19 and staffs shortage recently make many shops and restaurants change their business hour. Also my delight Tenmasa that is awesome udon shop in Namba now close Tuesday and they are open late on another day. Many udon shops, too. But Matsuya (松屋) saved me !

This Matsuya is not gyudon shop. They serve udon (and soba) ! Their udons are so inexpensive and it’s good. But I don’t recommend if you like tidy shops.

There’re two ticket vending machines. One have button, and another have touch screen. Udon cost from 240 yen. Wow.

Top 10. You can understand from this menu, but I recommend you use ticket vending machine having touch screen.

I ate the most expensive udon at this shop. This is that. Abura-kasu udon plus green onion. (Above menu says oil cake udon⑫ what is oil cake… :(). Truthfully speaking, I ate abura-kasu udon (kasu udon) for the first time. Do you know abura-kasu ? It’s deep fried beef innards. This is local foods of Osaka. It have much abura-kasu.

Abura-kasu udon (油かすうどん, 490 yen) + green onion (ネギ追加, 20 yen)

It’s only 490 yen. Because they take much time and fried deeply, so the innards don’t have excess fats. So, it’s not so fatty. It’s good for breakfast. And the soup have abundant extract of konbu seaweed. Delicious.

The udon was softer. They don’t care about udon. They get udon from wholesalers. I think it’s as same as Tenmasa. But no problem. Abura-kasu and awesome soup is the leading role. If we order abura-kasu udon, they serve grated garlic in the pot. Of course, I added some. Perfect.


Name Matsuya (松屋)
Open Morning through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable


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