[Hakodate] Soft serve at Hakodate Misuzu Daimon (函館 美鈴 大門店)

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I felt like having something sweets foods during walking around Hakodate station and then I dropped in at this cafe. Misuzu Coffee (函館 美鈴). They have some branches, and I visited Daimon branch that is the closest to Hakodate station this time. This building is rather new, but Misuzu Coffee was born in 1932 and they are the oldest cafe in Hakodate.

They are also have branches in Tokyo, but I heard those branches don’t have coffee soft serve.

There’s a shop at the entrance, and they sell sweets and coffee beans there. Those coffee beans are baked inside the shop. And also this branch bake coffee beans that sell at some branches in the department stores inside Hakodate city.

And there’s a cafe at the back of the shop. There’re about 6 tables there. Brown, and ivory. Yes, Coffee soft serve color 🙂

This is the drink menu. They have not only coffee but also tea and cocoa. They have English menu, too.

Dessert, food.

This is the soft serve. Coffee soft serve. It’s larger than expected. I think coffee color is brown. But this soft serve have green color. But of course, it have coffee flavor. Though it’s milky, but it have abundant flavor of coffee.

Coffee soft serve (珈琲ソフトクリーム) 410 yen

And it have some coffee powders. It added bitterness slightly.

Blended coffee is good for my body after ate cold soft serve. They bake coffee beans after they take order of coffee, so, it takes some times, but it have refreshing flavor without off-flavor.

Blended coffee (ブレンドコーヒー) 480 yen


Name Hakodate Misuzu Daimon branch (函館 美鈴 大門店)
Open Day through evening
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
URL Website, Instagram

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