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[Hakodate] Cocktail and night view at Bar Twilight in Hotel Resol Hakodate


I stayed in Hotel Resol Hakodate this time. And they have a bar on the 10th floor. So, I visited the bar at the last night of my trip. Their name is Bar Twilight. They are open at 7 p.m. I took a rest in my room and then went to there. Bar Twilight was really nice and I recommend to all people who visit Hakodate.

They don’t show much information. So, I didn’t know about the bar. If I didn’t stay at the hotel, I won’t visit there.

There’re not many cocktails and whiskey on the menu. So, I took this photo only. Table charge is 500 yen. Cocktails are from 700 yen. Whiskey is from 1000 yen. I drunk two glasses of alcoholic drinks and it cost over 2000 yen. Inexpensive.

Also they have some foods. Pizza is 1000 yen, and another they have chocolate, edamame and so on. There are only four counter seats and four tables. And they offer free refills of drinks from 2500 yen (90 minutes)

I went straight to the bar from my room. But Bar Twilight welcome all people who don’t stay in the hotel. Actually, some people who is local people after work enjoyed drinking. Yes. If I live there, I visit there so frequently.

I was surprised at the foods. It’s included in the table charge. Pineapple, cheese and uncured ham ! I didn’t need any foods because it was served !

There’re three tables along the window. I could see the night view of Hakodate port. So beautiful. Lighted Masyumaru ship was awesome. Fireworks in summer can be seen from the seats, too.

I saw this view with the blue cocktail. Heaven.

This blue cocktail is named Hakodate Blue. Beautiful and cute. It looks it’s high-alcoholic cocktail ? No. It’s like juice based on pineapple juice. So, it went with pineapple.

Hakodate Blue (函館ブルー) 800 yen

And this color is suitable for this view.

Also I ordered God Father. Truthfully speaking I wanted to have French Connection, but there’s not on the menu. So. I think it’s almost whiskey. Very strong :p Of course, it have the sweetness of amaretto. So, I finished to drink and went back to my hotel :p

God Father (ゴッドファーザー) 800yen


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