[Tokyo] Tonkotsu ramen at Masutani Ramen (ますたにラーメン) in Nihonbashi

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Masutani Ramen (ますたにラーメン) is a goodwill partner of Masutani close to Ginkakuji temple in Kyoto and they are very popular. There are many people waiting throughout their business hour. They moved to current place in 2020 because of redevelopment. So, it’s still new !

There’re counter seats and tables. They have rather much seats compared with another ramen shops nearby, so we don’t have to wait much even there’re many people waiting. They have ticket vending machine. So, I bought a ticket and was seated.

I ate half boiled egg and ramen. It’s the standard tonkotu ramen. It have much pork back fats. We can add Kujo green onion with additional charge, but it’s enough. This ramen have three layers soup. The top is mild back fat soup, and the middle is light soy sauce soup, and the bottom is spicy a bit. So, you can enjoy the some tastes if you eat it carefully. But I always put the noodles from the bottom without thinking because I want to eat soon 🙁

Half boiled egg and normal size of ramen (半熟玉子+ラーメン 並) 1010 yen

The soup had strong tastes. It’s salty a bit. So, it go with rice well. They offer rice with free of charge. The rice have one pickles. It looks greasy ? No. Certainly, the soup is fatty, but thanks to the green onions, it have refreshing tastes, too.

Masutani’s ramen is good all the same. There’s some seasonings on the table. So, trying some tastes is fun !


Name Masutani Ramen Nihonbashi (ますたにラーメン日本橋本店)
Open Day through night
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