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[Hakodate] HAKOYA in Hakodate Airport


HAKOYA is high-populated restaurant as serving awesome sashimi bowl at inexpensive price. And their branch is open in Hakodate Airport. They have been there since February, 2021. So, it’s still new. Their head shop is located near Goryokaku. And HAKOYA is managed by KANEKA that is one of popular wholesaler in Hakodate Jiyu Ichiba market.

Hakodate airport is not large. 2F have security check, gate and airport lounge. HAKOYA is on the 3F. There are escalator between security check and lounge.

3rd floors of Hakodate Airport.

It’s outside of the security check, all people can enjoy the foods.

There are many tables. It’s like food court. There’s a shelf for RETURN, trash box, water server. There are some outdoor seats. But no one was there because it was too cold that time.

It’s food court

There’s cashier at the back of the room, so we order at there and pay. And the staff hand beeper to us. When our beeper work, we go to the cashier again and get our foods.

Order area. Alcoholic drinks call you.

They don’t have much foods on the menu. It have six sashimi bowl on the menu at that time. The most popular one is Saikoro-don with chu-toro. Many people think foods are so expensive in airport. But look at it. All sashimi bowl is under 1000 yen except 3 parts of tuna bowl (マグロ三種丼). Inexpensive. They accept order to go. They have drinks, for example, beer, Japanese sake, non-alcoholic beer in the refrigerator.

Menu. They have English menu, too.

I ordered Saikoro-don with Chu-toro. And Extra salmon roe. It’s only 1180 yen in all. The tray had sashimi bowl, miso soup, gari (vinegared ginger), chopstick, soy sauce, small dish for soy sauce and wet towel.

Saikoro-don with Chu-toro (中トロ入りサイコロ丼, 880 yen) with extra salmon roe (いくらトッピング, +300 yen)

It have much fresh seafood. Amount, freshness, contents. Everything was very higher than expected.

Saikoro-don having chu-toro with extra salmon roe

It have much diced chu-toro (fatty parts of tuna) and salmon. By the way, I thought it have some lean meat of tuna because the menu says “having chu-toro”. But all tuna was chu-toro. Gorgeous. Those chu-toro wasn’t so fatty. It have crunchy texture a bit. Good. Salmon was fatty instead. Flying fish roe and salmon roe was on the diced fishes.

It’s hard to get rice under the seafood. I managed to get white thing. But it’s springy shrimp ! One large shrimp was cut into 4 pieces.

Shrimp is hidden under those diced salmon and tuna

HAKOYA completely changed my mind and way of spending time in the airport. We can enjoy such a great seafood at airport at inexpensive price. I’m looking forward to spend time at Hakodate airport and have last meal at HAKOYA in Hakodate !


Name HAKOYA Hakodate airport (HAKOYA 函館空港ターミナル店)
Open Morning through night (depend on gate closing)
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available

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