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Closed – [Tsukiji Market] Horse mackerel, bonito and saikyo-yaki at Kato (和食かとう)


I felt like having horse mackerel sashimi, so I had breakfast at Kato (和食かとう) after long absence.

When I ate at Kato last time, it’s the best season of Cherry salmon. Over one year have passed :p I found horse mackerel sashimi on the menu.

Strictly speaking, it’s not sashimi. It’s chopped horse mackerel. But no problem. Horse mackerel is at their best just now.

Horse mackerel tataki set (つりあじタタキ定食) 1400 yen

The chef chopped fresh horse mackerel after we ordered. It was so fresh and good.

There are mainly two tools of catching fishes. By wide net, and by fishing pole. Kato says this horse mackerel was caught by fishing pole on the menu. It is generally said that fishes caught by fishing pole is better than by wide net in those tastes. The reason is that fishes struggle in the net intensely and those get injured. Well, first of all, I can’t taste the difference between fishes caught by net and fishing pole.

My friend ordered a grilled splendid alfosino marinated with saikyo-miso. Its meat was soft and had much flavor of saikyo-miso.

Grilled splendid alfonsino marinated with saikyo-miso (金目鯛の西京焼き) 1450 yen

Not only splendid alfonsino, but also salmon, American butterfish, Spanish mackerel etc… they serve fresh fishes of every seasons with saikyo-miso. This saikyo-miso is great. Saikyo-miso is Kyoto-style sweet white bean paste.

He also ordered bonito sashimi. Its skin was baked lightly. Those slices of bonito were fresh, too.

Bonito sashimi (かつお刺身) 1300 yen


Name Kato (かとう)
Open Morning through Daytime
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