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Moved – [Tokyo] Sichuan foods at Goshisan (五指山) in Kanda


Recently, I’m starving for spicy foods because it is so hot and humid everyday. I always say “I need spice !!!” So, my friend took me to Kanda to eat mapo tofu. The restaurant’s name is Goshisan (五指山). I know Goshisan (Mt.Goshi) is a name of well-known mountain in China. This signboard is really outstanding. No one must have missed this signboard.

Goshizan is not large restaurant. They have counter seats and some tables only. You’d better reserve in advance if you visit there. But they don’t accept reservation at lunchtime. In addition to paper menus, they have blackboard menu. Each name is written in Chinese, and explanation is besides in Japanese.

And some staff is Chinese. So, Chinese people will enjoy at this shop without Japanese language. We were two and thought that about 3 dishes are good for us. So, we chose three dishes. They serve more original dishes based on Chongqing foods and another Asian elements than ordinary Chinese foods.

At first, Fried cow’s heart and pig’s gut with baijiu. This is a dangerous food. Cows’ heart and pigs’ guts were fried with Baijiu (= Chinese liquor) that have around 50 alcohol content. And the strong alcohol content remained :p But the pigs’ guts was soft and tasty. We enjoyed it. My friend who don’t drink much got drunk :p

Fried cows’ heart and pigs’ gut with baijiu (牛ハチの巣と豚ガツの白酒の香り炒め) 1200 yen

Steamed pigs’ gristle and black beans. Those gristle had crunchy texture and tasty.

Steamed pigs’ gristle and black beans (豚骨軟骨のブラックビーンズ蒸し) 1050 yen

This is MUST food when you visit there. Mapo tofu in an earthenware hotpot. So much sichuan pepper on it !!! It was really tasty. Though I had lost appetite, I voracity ate it. My appetite completely recovered.

Mapo tofu and rice in an earthenware pot (麻婆土鍋ごはん) 1080 yen

Some people came here alone and order one this mapo tofu bowl only. But one portion seems to be much for one person. We managed to eat them up. Amount of each dishes are large. So, we decided to visit there again with friends.

So… we visited there again a few weeks later. We were four that day. When we two visited there previous time, we thought each dishes are good for four person 🙂

At first, we need something to drink for hydration before the fight. My drink was litchi liqueur with soda. It’s sweet but it had much alcohol.

Litchi liqueur with soda (ライチ酒のソーダ割り) 600 yen

Steamed chicken with spicy sesame sauce. It was served as cold. It looks very spicy, but it wasn’t so spicy because of much sesame. And red oil is not too spicy. Still, so much amount …. Even four of us was overwhelmed….

Steamed chicken with spicy sesame sauce (蒸し鶏のピリ辛ごまだれ) 980 yen

Fried potato and king trumpet mushroom with shrimp pastes. It looks like French fry 😛 Potato and king trumpet mushroom had much tastes of shrimps and it was tasty. As you see, from those looking, we couldn’t find which was which until we bit them :p

Fried potato and Pleurotus eryngii with shrimp paste (じゃがいもとエリンギの海老ペースト炒め) 1050 yen

Fried Chinese water spinach from Nishikawa farm. It was well-seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper. It’s simple but tasty. I like Chinese water spinach. But Chinese water spinach is expensive at supermarket this year…

Fried Chinese water spinach from Nishikawa farm (西川ファームのクウシンサイの炒め) 980 yen

Fragrant deep fried quail. Two whole quails appeared ! And much coriander was under the meat. Quails were hard to separate. It was muscularity quail. Its outside was crisp and the inside was juicy. it was seasoned with salt simply. Delicious.

Fragrant deep fried quail (うずら丸ごと香り揚げ) 2560 yen

Steamed pig’s shank with its bone. Chinese meat dishes are dynamic ! Though its large, we could cut it easily by our chopsticks. It was so soft and it was like the mass of collagen.

Steamed pig’s shank with its bone (豚すね肉の骨つきまるごと1本蒸し) 3150 yen

Last, of course, we ate mapo tofu bowl. It was terrific food all the same…. Great amount of Sichuan pepper on it. I can’t forget the tastes !

Mapo tofu bowl (麻婆土鍋ご飯) 1080 yen

Though we felt enough full, someone wanted to eat spring roll and he ordered soon. Its outside was crisp and the inside was sticky. I ate it so carefully, but its inside was extremely hot !

Spring roll with yum, dried shrimps and shiitake mushroom (山いも・干しエビ・しいたけ入り春巻) 550 yen per three

As we thought, four person is good when we visit there.


Name Goshisan (五指山)
Open Lunch, Dinner
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