[Tsukiji] Matakoidon at Matakoiya Sohonten (又こい家 総本店)

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I rarely have breakfast at any shops along Monzeki street because those shops have seats outside. Too hot in Summer, and too cold in Winter. Especially I hate the smell of simmered pork innards. But I wanted to try Matakoiya (又こい家 総本店) and finally I had a chance to visit there.

There’s a menu outside and there’s a ticket vending machine. All bowl have one miso soup. Large helping of rice is free of charge.

I chose a Matakoi-don. Its name have shop name. I think this is their recommendation. So. Matakoidon have slices of tuna, negitoro and quail’s egg.

Matakoidon (又こい丼) 1000 yen

With miso soup.

Umm. The tuna was thawed. I don’t hate thawed tuna itself. But I think this tuna was failed to be thawed. And rice was dried. I think their shop have not good condition to keep the quality of foods. Monzeki street is difficult place, I think.

I think they can’t serve sashimi bowl at good condition at least breakfast time because they don’t have much guests. Perhaps they held those ingredients much time.


Name Matakoiya Sohonten (又こい家 総本店)
Open Breakfast, Lunch
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
URL Website

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