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[Tsukiji] Maguro and salmon bowl at Taneichi (たねいち)


I used much money at Tsukiji for a week, so, I felt guilty a bit. But I wanted to eat sashimi bowl at Tsukiji, so I visited Taneichi (たねいち) for breakfast. Taneichi is located Tsukiji outer market.

Taneichi have a variety of sashimi bowl. They accept order what you want everything on the bowl, too. I ordered lean meat of tuna and salmon bowl today. It cost only 700 yen !

Lean meat of tuna and salmon bowl (まぐろとサーモンの丼)

Both tuna and salmon was good. Miso soup is excluded in each sashimi bowl at Taneichi. I forgot to order.


Name Taneichi (たねいち)
Open Morning through evening
Reservation Available (Tabelog)
Credit card Unavailable
URL Website

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