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[Asakusa] Imoyokan soft serve at Funawa 3rd (舟和 3号店)


Speaking of Asakusa, Funawa’s imoyokan is so popular. And I heard they have imoyokan soft serve. So, I dropped in at Funawa (舟和) when I had something to do at Asakusa. I think this was the third time to walk along Nakamise street. And this was the first time to go there with clear purpose. When I got to there before 7 p.m., many stores were already closed.

I heard only this 3rd shop and the head shop serve imoyokan soft serve.

By the way, there’re two Funawa shop there. But right is 2nd shop and they don’t serve soft serve.

And, this 3rd shop have another soft serve like vanilla, matcha and mix. And dorayaki and so on. They serve kakigori in summer.


By the way, eating and walking is banned along Nakamise street. And there’s no eating area. So, we eat in front of the shop.

This is Imoyokan soft serve. Many people ordered it all the same. It’s rather small. But it’s enough. This soft serve have sweet potato color. It didn’t have any flavor of sweet potato and imoyokan. But it tasted imoyokan !

Imoyokan soft serve (芋ようかんソフト) 350 yen

It’s not butter. It’s a sliced imoyokan ! I like this tastes.


Name Funawa Nakamise 3rd (舟和 仲見世3号店)
Open Daytime
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