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Closed – [Tokyo] Otsumami party at Kareinaru Curry (華麗なるカレー) in Oshiage


Kareinaru curry (華麗なるカレー) in Oshiage held Otsumami party. Otsumami means appetizers and side dishes suitable for alcoholic drinks. Oshiage station was so crowded because Sumida-river fireworks was held that day. Almost all people came to Oshiage to see fireworks.

I have to say in advance, Kareinaru curry is curry shop ! But they serve some otsumami, too. Needless to say their curry is tasty, but regular customers love their otsumami. I hadn’ eaten their otsumami yet, so I took part in the party to eat all his otsumami at a stroke 🙂 .This party’s participation fee was 5000 yen(Drinks excluded).


Menus. Lots of dishes !


Well, speaking of otsumami, everyone will remember it first.

Baked green soybeans (焼枝豆)

Hiyayakko is cold tofu. It’s summer tastes. Of course, it’s eaten in all year round though.

Hiyayakko (冷奴)

Marinated cabbage and small tomatoes.

Coleslaw (コールスロー)

It is fried beaten eggs. Its looking is more buchimgae than tamagoyaki.

Tamagoyaki (薄皮玉子)

Ebisurai is deep fried shrimps. Bigger !

Ebifurai (エビフライ)

Karaage is deep fried chicken. Its coating was crisp.

Karaage (唐揚げ)
Salads with duck (鴨サラダ)

Delicious. Its smells are good.

Uncured ducks ham (鴨ハム)

Though it didn’t have lambs’ flavor. But it was good as normal gyoza.

Lamb gyoza (ラム餃子)

Deep fried things were served one after another.

Spring rolls (春巻き)
Ham cutlet (ハムカツ)

Lamb roast. It’s juicy ! I wanted to eat more.

Ramb roast (ラムロースト)

Its name is Love phantom. Strange. It’s not food name. Do you know a song “Love Phantom” by B’z ? It’s deprived from this song. The chef named. It’s creamy cheese and syuto (marinated skipjack tuna entrails)

Love phantom (ラブファントム)

Its name is Ultra Soul. Yes, its name deprived from song “Ultra Soul” by B’z, too :p It’s sardine’s okizuke. Okizuke is marinated raw fishes with soy sauce.

Ultra Soul (ウルトラソウル)

I’m sure that Ultra Soul and Love phantom go with rice. So, I left some for rice. And then miso soup was served. It had some asari clam.

Miso soup with flying fish (あごだし味噌汁)

And rice. Of course, I put Love phantom and Ultra Soul on the rice !

I was satisfied with all dishes. Especially, Love Phantom, lamb roast and ducks uncured ham. But we didn’t eat curry that day. I want to eat curry at Kareinaru curry all the same. I’ll go again soon to eat curry.


Name Kareinaru Curry (華麗なるカレー)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
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