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[Ginza] MARLOWE (マーロウ) Pudding in Ginza SIX


Ginza Six started their business in April. Though I wanted to go there soon, there were so many people and there was a long line to enter into the building. So, I didn’t go there until the end of May. But finally, I visited there to get puddings.

Ginza SIX is gorgeous. There are about 241 shops and restaurants in the building. And the building is connected directly with Ginza metro station. You can know about Ginza SIX on their website (English, Chinese and Korean language).

Certainly there were still so many people, there wasn’t a line for entering the building.

Interior. Those balloons are produced by Yayoi Kusama (草間彌生) who’s Japanese popular designer.  Though I thought those are toadstools, now I know those are pumpkins ! Umm.

Many shops and restaurants attract me, but anyway, I visited Ginza SIX for this shop that day. MARLOWE (マーロウ) is pudding shop and there’s a head shop in Hayama of Kanagawa prefecture. This Ginza SIX branch is the first branch in Tokyo.

Refrigerator. There are many flavors of puddings ! Everything attracted me ! MARLOWE’s pudding is so popular because of the glass container (beaker) having the face of Philip Marlowe.

I bought two puddings. Left is black syrup pudding and the right is standard custard pudding. The container is large. But those aren’t too sweet. So I could eat them up more easily than expected.

Custard pudding. The black things are vanilla beans.

Standard custard pudding (カスタードプリン) 648 yen

Black syrup pudding

Black syrup pudding (黒みつプリン) 810 yen

Both have bitter syrup at the bottom of those containers. So, I should have taken out from the container to the dish before eating.


Name MAROWE Ginza Six (マーロウ 銀座シックス店)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
URL Website, Instagram, X (Twitter), Facebook

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