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[Tokyo] Yakitori Omino (焼鳥 おみ乃) in Oshiage


I wanted to visit so popular yakitori restaurant named “Torishiki” in Meguro for a long time, but I can’t reserve at all. But recently I heard there’s a awesome yakitori restaurant that is managed by a chef who worked at Torishiki for 6 years. So, I visited there. The restaurant’s name is Yakitori Omino (焼鳥 おみ乃). It’s very close to Tokyo Skytree. Its appearance looks fancy Japanese foods restaurant.

Speaking of Omino, they were awarded single star of Michellin Tokyo 2020.It was already difficult to reserve, and because of this, they will be more difficult restaurant to reserve. Now they accept their reservation on the website “omakase”.

There’re counter seats only, surrounding the kitchen. Their chicken is Datedori chicken from contracted farmer.

They serve chef’s choice dinner course only. Of course, you can add another foods if you want. This is drinks and foods menu. They have another Japanese sake and shochu.

At first, I ordered beer. We shared medium sized of bottled beer. Sapporo Lager beer. Akahoshi (=red star).

Sapporo Lager beer (サッポロラガービール) 700 yen

Second, I ordered Japanese sake. It’s not on the menu. Their recommendation. Kamotsuru Hiroshima-Nishiki Jyunmai-syu (賀茂鶴 広島錦 純米酒).

Kamotsuru Hiroshima-Nishiki Jyunmai-syu (賀茂鶴 広島錦 純米酒)

Their course have yakitori mainly. They keep grilling yakitori and vegetables until you say “stop” within reserved time. By the way, even if you say “stop”, you have to accept something they are grilling just then. So, you’d better say “stop” earlier 🙂

After our drink was served, at first, pickles and grated daikon radish was served. We can have second helping of grated daikon radish. Daikon radish was grated roughly and its crunchy texture and pungent flavor was good. And pickles were delicious, too. Those made me highly excepted yakitori after that.

First, Liver er was served .Its inside was raw.

Sasami. Sasami is breast stripe. Its outside was cooked, but its inside was raw.


Atsuage. I don’t like atsuage. But its not genuine atsuage. It’s grilled smooth tofu (kinugoshi tofu). Delicious. Plenty of pungent vegetables on it 🙂

Steamed tsukune (蒸しつくね). This was not included in the course. The tsukune was so soft.

Gizzard. Its crunchy texture was awesome.

Maruhatsu. Heart part. It had springy texture !

Large Donko. Donko is shiitake mushroom. Plenty of mushroom juice went into my mouth.

Seseri. Seseri is part of chicken’s neck.

Ishikawa imo yam.

Kappa. Soft chicken bone. Its crunchy texture and charcoal-grilled smell was awesome.

Tsukune was flavory.

Quail eggs. This was the first time to eat half-boiled quail eggs ! Those yolks were almost raw ! Yolks broke in my mouth !

Last, they accept our order for something rice. We chose Soborodon and oyakodon.

Soborodon. Chicken soup is included in rice. This chicken soup had abundant flavor of chicken and chicken’s fat without any bad smell. Delicious. Soboro have soft bone, so it had sometimes crunchy texture. Fun. It was seasoned stronger. But I felt laver between soboro and rice was splendid and it completely beated the flavor of soboro :p

This is Oyakodon. Beaten eggs were half-boiled. I like more raw. But this was good. Its soup stock was seasoned stronger.

Last, Duck was served and we said “stop”. It was chewy but delicious. I liked it best in all meat that I had that night. I wanted to eat it at the beginning of the dinner because I felt already full.

Muscat as dessert.

We couldn’t enter the restaurant at the reservation time because our scheduled seats weren’t vacant even after our reservation time and we had within one hour only for dinner. So, our foods were served quickly and we had to hurry. So, I got tired. And the restaurant didn’t apologize about that. Of course, it was delicious, but I felt tired strongly. Also, keeping to eat yakitori mainly got tired me, too. Umm. Though I liked their yakitori, I didn’t reserve again.

We heard Omino sell yakitori bento to go, so we ordered it at the beginning of dinner time. We got it before leaving from the restaurant. It’s approximately 2000 yen. Four skewers and soboto.

Yakitori Bento

It had asparagus that wasn’t included in the course. The asparagus was thick and delicious. Of course, quail eggs were half-boiled. Yakitori was good. But I think their soboro is awesome all the same. It was seasoned with ginger. I want to get it easily, I wish it can be gotten even if we don’t have dinner at there…


Name 焼鳥 おみ乃 (Yakitori Omino)
Open Dinner
Reservation Required (Omakase)
Credit card Available

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