[Tokyo] Premium Malt’s at Kamiawa BAR (神泡BAR) close to Tokyo Station

I visited Kamiawa BAR (神泡BAR) that was open in February 2019 close to Tokyo Station. Kamiawa BAR is a flagship shop of ...

Lunch temporarily quit – [Ginza] Smoked hamburger steak lunch at Enji (煙事)

I went to Enji (煙事) along Konparu street in Ginza area to have lunch. I heard they serve smoked hamburger steak at lunc...

[Ginza] Standing beer bar PILSEN ALLEY (ピルゼンアレイ)

I felt like having beer at early evening on weekday around Ginza area and visited Pilsen Alley (ピルゼンアレイ) that is stand-...

[Tokyo] Happy Hour of Peter Bar in Peninsula Tokyo (ペニンシュラ東京)

I took a day off on Thursday and I visited Peninsula Tokyo. Mid town Hibiya has been open in Hibiya Area and man...
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