[Tokyo] Inexpensive unadon at Unayoshi (蒲焼 うなよし) in Kiba

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I’m eating much eels this summer. And I explore new eel restaurant today, too. Unayoshi (蒲焼 うなよし) is located between Kiba and Toyocho. They are small and they are located at the back of the street and hard to find. I found them by chance and thought they have delicious eel. It’s right.

It is really hard to find for strangers because it stands far back from the main street. So the standing signboard is necessity for them.

I ordered eel bowl set. I also ordered a grilled eel’s innards, but the chef said they serve it only at nighttime. Umm. I couldn’t eat eel’s innards again….!

I think it is great that we can eat eel bowl for 1600 yen now !!! And their eels are from somewhere in Japan. Though I forgot the exact place. Also eels box are from 2000 yen.

The eel bowl (Unadon) have clear soup. And eel box (Unajyu) have clear soup with eel’s innards.

There wasn’t large piece of eel, but soft and flavorful. It’s so tasty.

I like this salty sauce very much. The amount of eel was not good, but the rice had plenty of the tasty sauce on it. So I could eat rice up with pleasure 🙂


Name Unayoshi (蒲焼 うなよし)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Available for dinner time only
URL Twitter, Instagram

Google Map


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