Kiba / 木場


[Tokyo] Inexpensive unadon at Unayoshi (蒲焼 うなよし) in Kiba

I’m eating much eels this summer. And I explore new eel restaurant today, too. Unayoshi (蒲焼 うなよし) is located between Ki...

[Tokyo] French foods at La Porte Rouge (ラ・ポルトルージュ) in Kiba

I heard that there's a French foods restaurant that serves hearty meal at lunchtime, especially meat. I wanted to go th...

[Tokyo] Tandoori bar Kamal Pur (カマルプール) in Kiba

My friend asked me to join dinner at Kamal Pur (カマルプール) in Kiba. Of course, I joined. They are tandoori restaurant and ...
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