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(Moved) Tsukiji Market : The record of visiting Yonehana (米花) in 2011


Tsukiji Market closed in 2018.
Yonehana moved to Toyosu Market as well as another shops.

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(December 18th, 2018)

I visited Yonehana this year for the first time.
When I visited there for the first time, I hesitated to open the door. I think many people feel so, too. Somehow there’s no Japanese menu. Only English and Chinese menu. And I saw there was few vacant seats. But I managed to open the door with courage. Then it became my regular breakfast spot 🙂


As I said now, there’re English and Chinese menu.
But sometimes those are already sold out even in the early morning.

But at least, sashimi bowl, yakitori bowl and eel bowl is in stock.
If you can’t decide your order, I recommend sashimi bowl.

Another there’s omakase (chef’s choice) set for regular customers (current price).
It’s standard breakfast. I usually eat it.


It’s 8th building of Tsukiji Market.

Record of my breakfast in 2011

Jul 14 : Sashimi bowl

Sorry, I don’t have the picture. When I visited there Yonehana for the first time, I ordered sashimi bowl (海鮮丼, 1500 yen). I decided to order it before visiting.
Their sashimi bowl is highly recommended by Tsukiji bloggers.

Speaking of Tsukiji Market, we think it’s a special market of seafoods and we
rarely think about meats and vegetables.
But they also serve or sell good meats and vegetables.

Aug 29 : Omakase (Tuna and Greater amberjack sashimi)

This was the third time. And the Jiro-san asked me if I want to try omakase. I said YES ! I became regular customer of Yonehana !
Boiled foods were served and I ate it up before taking this photo :p
A slice of sashimi at Yonehana is large. It’s said to be Yonehana Standard !

This was the first time to eat out after I injured my stomach in Uzbekistan. Healthy body is wonderful !

Sep 5 : Omakase (Vegetable tempura)

When I entered the shop,  the waiter said to the kitchen,  “One omakase !!!”
Finally my foods came automatically ! That day’s omakase was vegetables tempura ! Its coating was crisp. I thought I can’t eat tempura up in the morning, but it wasn’t heavy. So, I could eat it up !

Boiled vegetables and deep-fried tofu with soy sauce.

At first, I thought I couldn’t eat up tempura in the early morning, but it wasn’t oily, so I could eat it up easily.
The lotus root’s texture was good !

Oct 3 : Omakase (Boiled Kichiji rockfish)

Kichiji rockfish is expensive fish ! They serve it at lower price. Great !
Nikujaga (meat and potato stew), Pickled cabbage with salt, miso soup and stew.
Most brown things in Japan contains soy sauce. Soy sauce is MUST seasoning 🙂

Oct 21 : Omakase (Yellowtail sashimi)

That day’s omakase was… Look at it ! The tastes of Winter ! Yellowtail sashimi !
Though I hate cold Winter, we have much “delicious” in winter. One of the thing is it. Yellowtail. Yonehana’s sashimi is so thick.

And another boiled foods and sprouts.

Nov 1 : Omakase (Yakitori bowl)

I felt like eating yakitori bowl at Yonehana for a few weeks. And fortunately that day’s omakase at Yonehana was Yakitori bowl. Standard yakitori bowl on the menu have four yakitori. But it have three yakitori. Because of that, it cost us lower price than standard yakitori bowl. I like eating it with spicy miso on the table.
The burnt smell of yakitori was awesome. The power of charcoal-grill facility !

Nov 10 : Omakase (Young Yellowtail, tuna and ark shell sashimi)

That day’s chef’s choice was gorgeous assorted sashimi. Young yellowtail called WARASA in Japanese, lean meat of tuna and ark shell. Another kinpira, pickles and miso soup.

Nov 15 : Omakase (Grilled sea bream marinated with miso)

Grilled red sea bream marinated with miso. The burnt smell was good. I love grilled fish.

Collar of middle-sized yellowtail called WARASA in Japanese and fried vegetable, miso soup.
Grilled fish and boiled fish…Double entree. Too much for me… But delicious.

Nov 21 : Omakase (Boiled squid with soy sauce)

Boiled spear squid with soy sauce. There’re squid’s leg inside the body. I love squid. So I was really happy to eat it as breakfast.

But. Double entree again 🙁
Consisting of bony fish parts and big potatos boiled in soy sauce. Umm. I have to bring plastic container when I visit there.

Dec 7 : Omakase (Young tuna sashimi)

Young tuna called “MEJI MAGURO” in Japanese.
The person who was sitting next to me made seasoned tuna bowl with it and soy sauce. It looked delicious. Yonehana’s sashimi is cut so thick, so even if you put it into soy sauce for a while, it don’t become too salty.

Dec 19 : Omakase (Boiled flatfish with its eggs)

That day’s omakase was flat fish. I hear there are some kinds of flatfish.
To tell the truth, I didn’t like flatfish very much.
Because it doesn’t good looking. Don’t you think so ? Also flatfish have sometimes fishy smells. But this flatfish had no bad smell. And the roe was delicious. And the meat was fatty and sweet.

And simmered tofu and beef meat with soy sauce. The tofu was smooth tofu.

Dec 27 : Omakase (Whale meat steak)

When I visited there, I thought this would be the last time to visit Yonehana in 2011. Actually, it was. This was the first time to eat whale meat. Umm. It’s tough. But the seasoning was good.

Simmered tofu and beef meat as well as last time. Though the appearance was quite differ from last time, it was delicious as well as last time.

About Yonehana (米花)

Address / Tsukiji Market Bldg No.8, 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Open / 5:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Closed / Market’s holidays

Reservation / Unavailable
Credit card / Unavailable
Smoking / Not permitted
English menu / Available


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