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[Saizeriya] Pizza, chicken,,, My delight 8 dishes of Saizeriya


Saizeriya was born in Chiba prefecture that is my birthplace. So, I visited Saizeriya for the first time when I was high school student. I visited there so many times. Hundreds of times. I loved Saizeriya. I love Saizeriya. Today, let me introduce my delight foods of Saizeriya. Visit official website to know their current menu.

Grilled chicken with chopped vegetable sauce

Grilled chicken with chopped vegetable sauce is No.1 food at Saizeriya for me. Far the best. This is leg meat of chicken and it’s juicy and soft. Its skin is crisp. And the brown sauce and chopped onion is good.

Grilled chicken with chopped vegetable sauce (若鶏のディアボラ風) 500 yen

I put onion and sauce on the chicken. Saizeriya served this chicken steak like that until several years ago. But the amount of the sauce became fewer and they recommend us to dip chicken into the sauce :p

Grilled escargots

Grilled escargots cost only 400 yen ! Wow ! The escargots in the garlic butter are crunchy. I definitely order it when I drink wine ! Both red and white wine go with it. By the way, this escargots are came from Europe !

Grilled escargots (エスカルゴのオーブン焼き) 400 yen

And I order it without fail when I eat escargot. Petit focaccias. To get all garlic butter 🙂 The photo have only two focaccias. But now they don’t serve it by this unit. Umm. It was just for me though.

Petit focaccias (プチフォッカ) 150 yen

Wine Decanter 250 ml

Saizeriya have bottled wines, too. But I can’t drink so much and I’m satisfied with table wine. So, I always order this small decanter. Decanter have two size. Large (500 ml) and small (250 ml). Small is enough. Small decanter cost only 200 yen ! I also like drink it with sparkling wine.

Pizza Margherita extra cheese

Not only Margherita but also another pizza, I order pizza with extra cheese without fail when I order pizza at Saizeriya. Only 100 yen make my pizza such a bed of cheese ! Where is tomato :p

Margherita with extra cheese (マルゲリータピザWチーズ) 400 yen

I put much hot sauce. The dough is thin but it had springy texture. Good. I like Margherita far the best. But Pizza with mushroom & vegetable salsa is good, too.

Shrimp cocktail, shrimp salad

I don’t know when was it born. Shrimp cocktail is a top part of shrimp salad. I order it when I want to eat shrimp only, not to want to eat salad. It have much shrimps and I like the special dressing like thousand island dressing.

Shrimp cocktail (シュリンプカクテル) 280 yen

This is shrimp salad. I like it very much from high school student. I order it when I feel like eating vegetables.

Shrimp salad (小エビのサラダ) 350 yen

Grilled mussels with vegetable salsa

Mussels cost only 400 yen ! Also it have chopped onion and brown sauce. It go with white wine ! I just like this sauce after all :p

Grilled mussels with vegetable salsa (ムール貝のガーリック焼き) 400 yen

Spicy grilled chicken

I liked this spicy grilled chicken very much. Of course, I still like it now. I think it was more spicy 10 years ago. So, I put much hot sauce on it. The chicken is fatty and juicy. I enjoy it with wine.

Spicy grilled chicken (辛味チキン) 300 yen


Last is dessert. Tiramisu. Of course, another dessert like gelato and pudding is good, too. But this tiramisu is not too sweet and I like it best in all tiramisu that I ate ever. It had refreshing tastes of cacao and cheese.

Tiramisu (ティラミスクラシコ) 300 yen

About spaghetti

There’s no spaghetti in the list. I liked Saizeriya’s spaghetti, but those became not good. Spaghetti itself is not good, and the sauce has changed.

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