[Matsushima] Autumn leaves at Entsuin (円通院) in Miyagi

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I visited Sendai the other day. I changed train at JR Sendai station and went to Matsushima by Senseki line. Though it was warm, many leaves turned red. Especially Entsuin (円通院) was awesome. It takes only 30 minutes from Sendai station to Matsushima Kaigan station by Senseki line, and the price is more inexpensive thanks to the ticket of Shinkansen.

Entsuin is located next to Zuiganji temple. It takes about 8 minutes walk from Matsushima station. There’s a mausoleum of Mitsumune who is second son of Tadamune Date who was second lord of Sendai clan. So, Mitsumune is grandchild of Masamune Date. Mitsumune died at 19.

The entrance fee is 500 yen for adult. If you want to get gosyuin, they accept at the entrance.

The most beautiful autumn leaves welcomed me as soon as I entered the gate. Bright.

This garden show the seven god islands at Matsushima bay. White sand is Matsushima bay, and moss is island.

This temple is well-known as roses temple. And there’s a rose garden, too.

But now the number of roses is decrease.

Main worship hall is near the entrance. It’s named “Daihitei (大悲亭)”. This was a house where Mitsumune stayed in Edo (Tokyo) and it was taken apart at once and moved to the current place. Edo was suffered from big fire, earthquake and aerial attack later, so many historical architecture was broken. So, this house is very precious now.

Entsuin is well-known as mausoleum of Mitsumune, but basically, they are temple. Rinzai sect, Myoshinji school. So, St. Kannon Bodhisattva wooden statue is in the worship hall. We can make juzu at there. If you want, you need to offer at the entrance. You don’t need to reserve in advance.

The mausoleum of Mitsumune named Sankeiden (三慧殿) is at the back of the temple. There’s a small shrine in the architecture. It have some Western mark, for example, rose, narcissus, spade, heart and so on. It show us the connection between Japan and Western countries at the age.


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