[Tsudanuma] Inexpensive Chinese lunch with buffet at Hyakurakumon (百楽門 津田沼店)

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A Taiwanese foods restaurant in Tsudanuma attracted me for a long time. Finally, I went to there. The restaurant’s name is Hyakurakumon (百楽門). The eye-catching red door welcomed me 🙂

Hyakurakumon set buffet table at the center of the room and we have to get our water by ourselves at lunchtime. And, there’s rice, about three kinds of foods, soup and almond jelly. Of course, we can eat as much as we want. And lunch set have one oolong tea or coffee and those are at the buffet table, too.

This photo show you that this restaurant didn’t have much people, but it was nearly packed when I got to there. And just after I took this photo, some groups came in the restaurant and they were seated at those chairs.

Lunch menu

I ordered extremely spicy noodles with soybean sprouts as set including half fried rice (激辛もやし麺と半チャーハンセット, 780 yen). My fried rice was served soon. Right is fried rice. Half fried rice… Half… 🙁 I can’t realize the mean of “Half”…Too large for me. Such a large amount of foods is the reason of their popularity. And also they prepare some foods as all-you-can-eat. Left is the foods that I brought from the buffet table. Jew’s-ear kimchi, soybean sprouts dressed with spicy sauce and salad.

And this is my extremely spicy noodles with soybean sprouts. Noodles, soy sauce based soup and fried soybean sprouts dressed with broad bean chili paste. It looks really spicy ? But it wasn’t extremely spicy indeed. It was just for me. And the soy sauce based soup had light taste and tasty.

I managed to eat them up. I felt completely full.

And then I brought almond jelly to my table though I was already full. Well, I had no choice but eat dessert in front of me even I was full 😉

There’re some branches within Chiba prefecture. Matsudo, Nagareyama and so on.


Name Hyakurakumon Tsudanuma (百楽門 津田沼店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Available for dinner time only

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